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Bitcoin Mixer - Coinomize and its Benefits

By: Issuewire
Bitcoin Mixer  Coinomize

Albertville, Alabama Feb 18, 2021 ( - Considering bitcoin's growing popularity, it's hard to underestimate the need for bitcoin mixers. They greatly enhance bitcoin's overall functionality and provide the long-expected privacy. Without mixers, bitcoin is simply less useful.

Bitcoin mixers are a great way to anonymize your funds, make them truly untraceable. This becomes particularly relevant in the era of global surveillance. One major drawback that the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has is that it's neither anonymous nor completely private. The funds still are easily visible on the public blockchain. Which means, a third party can track and trace the funds of an individual if the need arises.

A bitcoin mixer, or bitcoin shuffler, as it is also commonly called, is a web service that helps you throw others off the trail. The way it operates is very straightforward: the bitcoin mixer mixes your funds with the funds of other users in a sophisticated way, so that your receive coins that are not tied directly to you and your accounts at fiat cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase. By using a bitcoin laundry like Coinomize you can get fresh coins instead of your old coins.

The use and application of bitcoin mixers can be very broad. Some countries restrict and prohibit the use of cryptocurrencies, which may be a strong reason in favor of bitcoin mixing services. At other times, political censorship gets in the way. Bitcoin donations to political entities, for example, may expose the donor, which is why he might want to consider using a mixing service like Coinomize. Another reason may be if you don't want to let others know how many coins you have in your primary wallet, which is otherwise easy to figure out, considering that the blockchain is public and everything is visible. Finally, there have been reports of increasing government surveillance of the Bitcoin blockchain in major Western countries. In order to prevent that, people can mix their coins.

When it comes to choosing the right bitcoin blender, provides a secure, reliable and well-priced service which makes this platform the optimal choice. Coinomize is fast, easy to use and does not require registration. You can start mixing your coins right away. There's a fee applied, which is configurable. You can specify how much of the service fee you want to pay. Besides, there is such a parameter as transfer delay. It can be increased for better security and anonimity. The greater the delay is, the more minuscule is the chance that your funds will be traced by anyone.

As soon as you follow the instructions and perform the mixing process, you'll be given an order number. You can check your order status any time and see how it's going on.

Currently we can observe a growing interest in bitcoin mixers from cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well as new bitcoin investors. This is understandable, because bitcoin is on the rise, and more and more people are starting to wonder how they can make their funds more anonymous. Coinomize is the right service to meet everyone's needs and it works just as expected.

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Source :Coinomize Inc.

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