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"John Marchisotto's GoFundMe campaign about Ret. NYPD Cop Sues NJ Officials Over Red Flag Laws"

By: Issuewire

"Because JUSTICE Is Important To Us All"

Jackson, New Jersey Feb 17, 2021 ( - Hi everyone, I'm fundraising for my legal fight against corrupt New Jersey State Officials and judges who believe they are ABOVE the law and need to be stopped! 

I have started this GoFundMe page


 It's people that make things happen, and I believe through your support my legal fight against corrupt New Jersey State Officials and judges will be a successful statistic.  Through your donations and prayers, we will find a cure for the broken justice system in our country for Marchisotto, and other victims of corrupt officials and judges. 

Please help me with my legal fight against corrupt New Jersey and Retaliatory Red Flag Laws, that is a National Problem to all of us. The state judiciary, and law enforcement, have engaged in criminal harassment, retaliatory Red Flag Law search warrant (FALSE TERPO PETITION), and illegal raid on my home has caused a considerable amount of emotional upset to me, my wife, and three minor children.

"My kids were terrified. My wife who is a teacher went to work crying and had to console by the school principal. I have been getting very bad headaches and having to deal with this mess. I'm having nightmares of "THE RAID" and all this is making me very sick"

"I did nothing wrong, and all I did was pursue my judicial rights for justice in a rigged Pro Se bias NJ KANGAROO Court System run by CLOWN judges who think they are in the MAFIA."

"It terrifies me to think about what these people have done to other honest, law-abiding citizens. I want other people to know, you are not alone. If they did this to me, I can only imagine what they have done to others"

"They simply have to be stopped. They violated my civil rights. They used false complaints to get needed paperwork for an illegal RAID and search of my home. They did not bother with a proper investigation"

"I am hoping my lawsuit will shine a light on these illegal acts, and corrupt state judicial officials, to prevent the same from happening to other people"

"I want justice. I don't want money. If a cash award is determined by a jury of my peers, I will donate every penny to a charity. I want people to be held accountable for their actions. I don't want revenge, I'm just asking to be treated properly. Respect my rights. Respect the Constitution"

Thank you your generosity is greatly appreciated. God bless you.

May God continue blessing you abundantly!

My name is John Marchisotto and live in Jackson New Jersey with my wife and three minor children. I am a longtime 3rd Degree Fraternal Member of the Jackson Knights of Columbus, an organization the helps others. Besides, I am a longtime active member of the Fraternal Order of Police, (F.O.P. Lodge 10) in Toms River, New Jersey.  I am a Retired NYPD Police Sergeant and First Responder on 9.1.1. at the WTC.  I was working on 911 and was employed to help with the Rescue and Clean up at the WTC and Staten Island Landfill. 

I moved to Jackson NJ in April 2010, with my family.  I  have in enjoyed coaching, baseball, soccer, football, and basketball, and volunteering my time to help other people. 

I am reaching out to the public for help and the media outlet interested in my story because it has already been gaining national attention. "Retaliatory Red Flag Laws are becoming a national problem."


The state judges and law enforcement officials used false documents saying I threatened a corrupt judge in his chambers with a gun, which never took place. Fighting an uphill battle with limited financial resources at your disposal is stressful. Many attorneys are afraid to go up against NJ Corrupt Courts Godfather, Chief Justice Stuart J Rabner. The fundraising will help retain an attorney that will have my best interests at heart.

"They made up a bunch of lies about me. I am a retired police officer. I know the law. I know you cannot take a firearm into the courthouse. I know what can and cannot be done under the law and I followed the law every step of the way".

"The judiciary and non-judiciary defendants broke the law coming after me and now, I want them held accountable. I want justice. I was these corrupt officials and judges fired, impeached, arrested, and removed from office. I want the people of New Jersey to again have faith in law enforcement and the judicial system" I want my case to be heard and decided by a jury of my peers, not by another judge who will definitely be biased due to the high-profile judicial defendants"   

Distribution of false threat complaint letter.
On December 31, 2019, NY Attorney, Louis P. Lepore, and Debra E Canova criminally harassed and exploited the victim of a 2003 Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Federal Lawsuit while he was still employed as an NYPD Police Sergeant. Lepore and Canova wrote a false threat complaint letter and distributed it to everyone, everywhere, Police agency's, Judge Rivas, Justice Rabner, NJ State courts, all EXCEPT to Judge Brian Martinotti, or U.S. District Court of New Jersey, who had jurisdiction over the Federal Lawsuit in; Marchisotto v Rivas, et, al., in question. Judge Brian Martinotti did not get the complaint letter, which raises questions. If the claims were true, the district judge would have immediately needed to get a copy. Besides, Chief Assistant Prosecutor Bryce also took part in the exploitation. Hillary Bryce took part in criminal harassment of my family and I am seeking justice. 

Robbing my deceased dad before his death

Debra E Canova put my deceased dad in a nursing home and was robbing him blind in the last four months of his life, with the help of Attorney Louis P. Lepore. 

False testimony

NJSP Trooper participated in false witness testimony. Detective Malik's entire testimony was a total disgrace to the good men and women of the NJSP, as indicated in the February 5, 2020, and July 2, 2020 transcripts. Detective Mudduser Malik is an embarrassment and makes the NJSP look like a joke. I will fight for justice to see to have his gun and badge taken away from him.

A plot to steal my licensed firearms

Det. Malik and MCPO Det. Kelly also took part by taking a 17-year-old federal lawsuit that I was a victim in and exploited me. The goal was to force me to drop my claims filed against Serial woman abuser Judge Alberto Rivas on December 17, 2019. They had plans to steal my licensed firearms by trying to invalidate my 11-year-old firearm application permit. The corrupt Middlesex judge used his corrupt and dirty Middlesex Country Sheriffs Office and officers to conduct an inappropriate and retaliatory investigation against me to try to invalidate my gun license. Perpetrators run the Middlesex Country Sheriff's Office led by Kevin B Harris who signed a false gun threat upon a judge sheriff's report. 

The Jackson police and their chief came out did an investigation and knew these Middlesex County clowns were breaking the law coming after me and told me we aren't taking your guns you did nothing wrong. 
These North NJ State Police did not like that my local Jackson police were not going to take part in their criminal harassment of my family and me.  So these PERPS came to do the job themselves.

These corrupt police and judges get free attorneys and have unlimited resources that I don't have at my disposal. I need to focus on filing and preparing paperwork. I am well advised about the laws in state and federal court.

1.     Provide me with the financial help I need to use every resource at my disposal to beat these corrupt state officials.

2.     Get my good name and my stolen property returned to me.

3.     Conduct deposition on every one of these corrupt officials and judges to jam them up so federal criminal charges can be brought against them.

4.     Help push the Federal Lawsuit I filed against these State Perpetrators who need to be impeached, fired, and removed from office.

5.     Expose these corrupt officials to every state senator and assemblymen and women.

6.     Make sure these corrupt will never be appointed to any state position ever again.

7.      Help New York City, Retired get his fair day in court, and the gun grabbers in New Jersey governments get taken down a notch in this court case.

8.     Pay all the legal bills and settle personal loans that I have fallen behind in paying.

Loans and their respective uses.

February 2020, took a loan to pay an attorney for the rigged TERPO / FERPO, Red Flag Law KANGAROO court hearing before corrupt judge Wendel E Daniels, Ocean County. 

If you are not able to donate, then we would love you to share our campaign using the "Share" button (below the "Donate Now" button).

Please read my blog to catch up on what has happened to both my family and me. I post everything out there and want these corrupt state officials tried by the people and in the court of public opinion.

Thank you for helping my family and me with this fight for justice.  Someone has to stand up to these clowns.  It takes someone with guts to be an NYPD Police Officer. I am happy to take on these clowns and want my legal matter to be heard before a Jury of my peers, not by another judge who will be biased to my case.

These corrupt judges and state officials take advantage of people that don't have the resources to fight them and they are abusive and bias to pro se litigants who try to stand up for themselves in court. 


Read exactly what was side by both sides.

TRANSCRIPT - 02-05-20 PETITION NO. 1511-XTR-2020-000002; A.D. # A-001026-20T1

TRANSCRIPT - 07-02-20 PETITION NO. 1511-XTR-2020-000002; A.D. # A-001026-20T1



The Federal Lawsuit I filed against these State Perpetrators who need to be impeached, fired and removed from office; MARCHISOTTO v. MALIK et, al; Case No.: 3:20-cv-20426-BRM-LHG

The New Jersey Appellate Division Appeal of the False RED Flag Law and TERPO / FERPO Kangaroo Ocean County Court under appeal; In the Matter of JOHN MARCHISOTTO Respondent, DOCKET NO.: A-001026-20


GoFundMe page

Media Contact

John F. Marchisotto

(732) 526-7732

15 Topaz Dr, Jackson NJ 08527

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This article was originally published by IssueWire. Read the original article here.

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