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Natural Infusions Launches A Groundbreaking Product For Hair Growth Stimulation

Natural Infusions, part of Nvron Healthcare Pvt Ltd, brings a hair growth product with 5% of award-winning Redensyl® that stimulates hair growth to the market.

Natural Infusions is the only hair growth product with 5% of award-winning Redensyl® that stimulates better hair growth to the market.

COIMBATORE , TAMIL NADU , INDIA , February 2, 2021 / -- Natural Infusions, part of Nvron Healthcare Pvt Ltd, brings a hair growth product with 5% of award-winning Redensyl® that stimulates hair growth to the market.

Natural Infusions is set to revolutionize the hair treatment industry with their breakthrough hair growth serum that has achieved results twice that of minoxidil. The only hair growth product with 5% Redensyl®, will launch in March 2021 in India.

Why Natural Infusions’ hair growth serum works?

The serum is a blend of 100% natural ingredients that repairs the scalp and improves hair growth. The hair growth serum follows an ancient ayurvedic formula comprising Redensyl® and 8+ plant extracts, including Rosemary, Methi, Bhringraj, and Amla.

Natural Infusions’ base ingredient is Redensyl® that has been tested by millions of customers and has yielded the best results of producing 25,000 to 30,000 strands in 84 days, which usually happens in three hair transplant sessions. This will be India's first hair growth serum with 5% Redensyl®.

The two polyphenols of Redensyl®, Dihydroquercetin-glucoside, and EGCG-glucoside, trigger hair regeneration by control of apoptosis and pushing them to the anagen cycle and tapping into free radicals, reducing IL-8, which is responsible for the inflamed state of the alopecic scalp, respectively. It is dermatologically tested and proven as the only ingredient capable of producing such results without any harmful side effects.

The other ingredients are,
Extract of Methi that has 0.1–0.9% of diosgenin, which fights dandruff and hair fall.

Bhringraj helps in hair strengthening, preventing graying, and dandruff as it effectively fights bacteria and fungus.

Rosemary powers cellular regeneration and eventually leads to dense hair growth. Studies found that Rosemary is as effective as minoxidil, but Rosemary is natural and does not harm the skin.

Amla, with its antioxidant properties, makes hair healthy from the roots and stops premature graying.

Neem’s composition and its medicinal value prevents dandruff and makes the hair follicles stronger.

Hibiscus for making hair lustrous, increasing hair volume, decreasing dryness and breakage of hair strands.

Jojoba extract moisturizes the scalp, reduces hair fall, and strengthens the hair as it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Argan extract has immense carotene that promotes a healthy scalp and hair. The antioxidants are responsible for regenerating hair growth.

Ocimum Basilicum Hairy Root Culture extract contains enzyme 5alpha reductase II that aids in fighting against hair loss. This component also ameliorates dermal papilla cells that enable hair regrowth.

Redensyl over Minoxidil

Natural Infusions is on a mission to give people the right and authentic product amidst the existing top brands that offer products that falsely claim zero side effects. Fulford India, Sun Pharma, Micro Labs, Torrent Pharma, CIPLA, J&J, Dr. Reddy’s are manufacturers that encourage their customers to use minoxidil based products selling the brand name of Mintop, Am-Exidil 5 Topical Solution, Cipla 5% Solution, Glenmark Hair 4 u 10 % USP Solution, etc. However, serums and oils with minoxidil as a base ingredient come with many side effects such as soreness at the root of hair, acne, burning of the scalp, and long-term it can also cause respiratory infections.

“People are used to ‘minoxidil’, which helps hair growth. Dermatologists have been recommending minoxidil, which is manufactured by top brands, including Dr.Reddy’s, Man Matters, and Sun Pharma. But minoxidil is synthetic and has harmful side effects. We are elated to be the first one to introduce to the market a sensational hair growth product with 5% Redensyl® and zero side effects,” says Gughan M, Project Manager, Natural Infusions -

Natural Infusions also stated that people tend to take cheap treatments and products of sub-standard quality that affect the natural hair strands' very growth. Temporarily, it may or may not help hair growth, but it affects in the long term by causing hair fall and damaging the scalp.

Natural Infusions’ hair growth serum is a revolutionary product that is suitable for all types of hair. Curly, wavy, straight, and all textures - the serum maintains the hair type but improves the texture by making it less frizzy and dry.

Natural Infusions also asks people not to fall for products or ads that promise hair growth in seven days and ten days. They say it is impossible, and people must understand that it takes time for hair to grow, especially in an area where hair follicles have not been growing. The time frame for new hair strands to come will take 45-60 days, and for it to grow well, it takes 90 days to 180days, only if the serum application is regular. However, as this is a natural product, there are no side-effects if one stops using the products.

Natural Infusions is willing to return the money if the users don’t get any results after regularly using it for 180 days. They will deliver pan India by servicing more than 19,000 pin codes and tying up with the leading logistics and courier companies for the fastest deliveries. The serum can be massaged onto the scalp twice a day or at least once a day regularly.

About Natural Infusions:

Based in Coimbatore, India, known for its breeze and strong threads, Natural Infusions is an attempt to enable inner growth and confidence. We are called Natural Infusions because we believe the solution to a natural problem lies with nature itself. We are bottling the goodness and benefits of nature and infusing it with clinically proven elements that will allow strong hair growth to happen. Indulge in our growth routines and experience real hair growth on the outside and true inner growth.


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Natural Infusions - Hair Growth in a Bottle

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