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7 Reasons to Visit Uzbekistan: vacation time with Peopletravel, the tour operator!

By: PRLog
A tempting offer from Peopletravel: 7 reasons to visit Uzbekistan. Peopletravel agency has prepared for you all the best!
TASHKENT, Uzbekistan - June 7, 2018 - PRLog -- The tourist season in Uzbekistan has come into its own. Year in year out Uzbekistan admires thousands of travelers with its wonderful views, gentle sun, mild climate, protected nature and an abundance of historical and cultural attractions.

Uzbekistan can boast of a combination of the unreadable. Here one can observe antiquity and modernity, megacities and villages in the neighborhood, new-fashioned shops and bazaars in the oriental spirit, advanced youth and people living far beyond modern cities.

In order to immerse in the unusual atmosphere of this distinctive country, one must visit Uzbekistan.

Those who are interested in vacations in Uzbekistan should pay their attention to Peopletravel Company.

Peopletravel has made a selection of 7 main reasons for visiting Uzbekistan:

See Registan square and hold your breath

Anyone who falls on the Registan Square in Samarkand, loses the feeling of the proportions that are habitual for him. The reason is the scale of space and buildings. Registan is a huge square, on which there are three magnificent medieval universities (madrassahs) - madrassah of Ulugbek, Tilla-Kori madrassah and Sher Dor. All madrasahs were built at different times.

Climb the Kalyan Minaret and make a panoramic video of Bukhara

The symbol of Bukhara is the 47-meter minaret Kalyan. In the XII century, it was a kind of a beacon, showing pilgrims and caravans the way to Bukhara. From here you can see the whole Bukhara, which is literally built up with ancient monuments and structures.

See the cemetery of ships in the Aral Sea

Corroded by salt and time, ships were frozen in the middle of the desert, and are expecting when these lands once again will be filled with water and blue waves swaying will incur them in the sunset. The metal giants each year attract tourists. They come here to see the disaster which transformed the bottom of the full-flowing once the Aral Sea in the harsh desert.

Ride a camel along the desert

A camel is a true resident of hot countries. From the side it seems that it is suffering from his way of life. But in fact, this is not so.

You should definitely take advantage of an exotic camel tour in the Kyzyl-Kum Desert, and visit the blue lake Aidarkul, which is right in the middle of the desert.

It is in this scenario that we can assess the scale and depth of the contrasts "desert-oasis". Once you know the desert, you will feel the truth of the monotonous but ornate music of dutar (musical instrument) and you will understand why time in the East does not hurry anywhere, as the proud camel does not rush, step-by-step pacing its long legs along the endless sands.

Swallow the fresh air of the Tien Shan mountains near Tashkent

The Chimgan Mountains, high, majestic, with caves, hidden paths, waterfalls and mountain lakes - are spurs of the Tien Shan. You can see the Gulkam waterfalls, the Beldersai ring (all types of mountain landscapes from rocks to alpine meadows, as well as the rock art of the primitive people), the Yangiabad mountains and much more.

In the middle of the mountains is the Charvak reservoir, an artificial lake and the most popular holiday destination. If you want real exotics and romance, go to the other side of Charvak, in the village of Brichmula. Here locals rent aivans (large Uzbek trestles). You will sleep on them under the open sky. Do not miss the time when the first rays of the sun color the mountain peaks in pink color. You will remember the magic of this moment for a long time.

Buy souvenirs in Uzbek style and bargain with the seller in the eastern way

This advantage is found in any souvenir shop. On the shelves there are rows of ceramic grandfathers and grandmothers with watermelons, melons and cakes in their hands. Their faces are so kind and friendly that your mouth involuntarily stretches out in a smile.

Have dinner in a tea-house

Cuisine in Uzbekistan is very delicious. Your mouth will water at the sight of shashlik, kyufta, manti, shurpa! There is always a lot of greenery and vegetables on the table. It is important that they have taste and smell. In Uzbekistan you can eat only tomatoes and feel happy. It's a real jam!

Do not forget about watermelons, melons, peaches, apricots, which are on the markets directly from the melon or from the garden. In Samarkand there are excellent wines. Tourists carry home nuts, dried fruits and oriental sweets. Food prices are very affordable.

Also, being in Samarkand, be sure to buy a local bread. It is very dense, does not spoil for a long time and remains soft.

Today the successful company Peopletravel has expanded the range of tours. The agency can offer a wide range of best tours to Uzbekistan depending on your needs and opportunities.

Advantages of Peopletravel:

- large selection of excursion programs and additional services;

- quality service for both single visitors and travel agencies;

- individual approach and development of private tours at the request of the client;

- low prices;

- competent staff, guides and interpreters;

- budget tours and tours of high level;

With us your journey will not be an ordinary trip abroad, but an original adventure in search of something new and unexplored.

Peopletravel does everything in order a large number of people come to Uzbekistan, and leave it with positive reviews, warm smiles and in a good spirit.

For more information contact us:
Phone: +998 71 232 2333

Peopletravel, Uzbekistan
+998 71 232 2333

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