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INSERTING and REPLACING CES 2018 Exhibitor Profiles: Runtopia to ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Exhibitor profiles for Samba TV, Snapmaker Technologies and Turnoutt, Inc. have been added to the release dated Jan. 4, 2018.

The corrected release reads:


CES 2018, the world’s largest consumer technology event, takes place 9 – 12 January in Las Vegas. Please note the following important information.

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Listed below are CES 2018 exhibitor profiles Runtopia to ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

Booth:Sands 44670
Runtopia was created through a collaboration between self-proclaimed sports loving and sneaker obsessed "runtopians," to create a lifestyle of sport. Runtopia’s vision is to bring smart sports to the world, to provide anyone with a completely smart sports experience.
Runtopia, a GPS-based running app, enables users to track their own runs at any occasion, with customized training plans for races, general fitness, and other coaching functions. With the introduction of Runtopia's smart running shoes, Runtopia is expanding into more categories of sports products and running services, and is committed to providing global users with more refined sports services in 2018.
Company:SABRE - Security Equipment Corporation
Booth:1 – 21351
SABRE, the number #1 pepper spray trusted by law enforcement and consumers worldwide, is family owned and operated with four decades of experience and is the leading brand in personal safety. The company’s law enforcement grade pepper sprays provide consumers with the same superior quality chosen exclusively by the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and law enforcement agencies worldwide. SABRE has trained 3,500 officers around the globe on the use of force and how to use pepper spray. SABRE also has a line of consumer personal alarms and home security systems, and is dedicated to educating its customers. SABRE’s Personal Safety Academy is available through certified instructors around the world to help teach personal safety skills to SABRE users.


Samba TV


Aria CS-10


Samba TV is a data and analytics company providing essential television insights by leveraging the world’s most comprehensive source of real-time viewership data across broadcast, cable TV, OTT and digital media.

Through software embedded in smart TVs and set-top boxes and mapped to connected mobile devices, laptops and PCs, Samba TV helps marketers activate cross-screen campaigns and measure the impact of their media investment by bridging the gap between digital and television. Samba TV is headquartered in San Francisco with offices across the US and Europe with plans for continued global expansion. For more information, visit or follow @samba_tv.

Company:Segway Inc.
Segway is moving in a brand new and exciting direction. For years you’ve know us as the world leader in commercial-grade, electric, self-balancing personal transportation. After strategically merging with Ninebot in 2015, we reevaluated our product lines, as well as target markets, and made some bold changes. We’re now applying our world-renowned intellectual property to consumer products, with a sharp focus on transportation for lifestyle and recreational riders, and not looking back. For more information, please visit
Company:Sense Arena
Sense Arena is a professional training and diagnostic program for team sports, executed in virtual reality environment. The program focuses on development of cognitive functions, specific motor skills and game sense. Athletes' performance data are analyzed by the scientific team at Charles University, Prague.
Company:Serena VM
Serena VM, provider of major IT cyber capabilities, is pleased to announce its showcase at CES 2018, Sands Booth 50851. Serena VM brings fortune 500 cyber security to small offices. It is a virtual managed box for organizations with remote or branch offices.
The solution is easy to deploy, maintain, and update—in a private cloud or on premises—and mitigates cybersecurity threats. Serena VM provides a streamlined web interface for remote office relations, with features including cybersecurity, VoIP, file sharing, remote access, its own network, easy management, automatic updates, and cost efficiency.
Company:seven dreamers laboratories, inc.
Seven Dreamers is dedicated to creating never-before-seen consumer products for improving people’s lifestyles. Rather than maintaining a portfolio centered around a core technology or market, seven dreamers believes that true innovation comes from finding a unique theme. Its first project was the manufacturing of order-made carbon golf shafts. Its second project was Nastent, a medical device designed to prevent snoring. Its most recent project is Laundroid, the world's first fully-automatic laundry-folding robot, which can turn a pile of clothes into neatly folded and sorted stacks. Laundroid aims to create a more synergistic relationship between you and your closet.
Company:Shanghai SlamTec Co.,Ltd.
SLAMTEC, founded in 2013, is the world-wide leading service provider and industry pioneer for autonomous localization and navigation. And its core research and development team have decades of experience in developing robot autonomous localization and navigation and related core sensors.
Currently, SLAMTEC owns: RPLIDAR, the first consumer-oriented laser range scanner; SLAMWARE, the world’s first modular system for realizing autonomous localization and navigation based on SLAM; ZEUS, general purpose service robot development platform. It creates a new industry: service robot with autonomous localization and navigation.
Company:Sharpell Technologies
Booth:51083 Sands Hall G
Sharpell Technologies develops custom battery packs for electric cars, planes, defense systems, and stationary energy storage systems using safer, longer lasting, and more powerful batteries than anything on the market today. We envision a future where our batteries provide more efficient and ecologically friendly solutions to consumers and businesses around the globe.
Sharpell Technologies is currently raising funds to restore power to 200 families in Puerto Rico devastated by Hurricane Maria. Be part of the team that brings power back to Puerto Rico:
Company:Sheba Microsystems
Sheba Microsystems develops high-end MEMS sensors and actuators. Our MEMS actuators are designed for world-leading performance in optical solutions including autofocus, optical image stabilization, and zooming for miniature cameras. With their high speed, low power consumption, and small size, the Sheba MEMS actuators are ideal for such applications in smartphone camera modules.
Our team is also developing highly sensitive 3D touch screens for hand held devices such as smartphones, and has a family of other sensor products in the development pipeline.
Company:SignAll Technologies
SignAll is the only company in the World which is able to translate sign language automatically. The system utilizes computer vision and natural language processing to transform the signing into grammatically correct, fully formed sentences. The ultimate goal of the system is to enable everyday communication between individuals who use spoken English and deaf or hard of hearing individuals who use ASL by removing the communication barrier with the help of technology.
SimpliSafe provides full-service home security that protects your entire home, pairs with any decor and comes at an affordable price.
Unlike one-off security gadgets that only cover single points of entry, SimpliSafe keeps your entire home safe through a customizable system and professional monitoring that work together 24/7. Each piece of the system is beautifully designed and brilliantly engineered. You can easily set up the wireless system yourself with no drilling, tools or installation fees. With SimpliSafe, there are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees, saving you thousands of dollars compared to other security companies.
Company:Simula Technology Inc.
Simula, established in 1990, is a connector, cable and electronic module supplier. Our competences lie in the ability to offer customized solutions, high frequency products and waterproof solutions by JDM, ODM and OEM business collaborations with our customers
Our fundamental product offerings are coast line connectors (e.g. ear phone jacks, USB Series, customized IO etc.). In recent years, Simula collaborated with cable suppliers and expanded its product portfolio into magnetic application with pogo pins, power charging solutions and type C accessories. We aim to develop tailored solutions that focus on high speed and high power delivery in the near future.
Company:Site 1001
Site 1001 is a high performance building management and operations software platform that uses core building information, building systems and sensor data in combination with artificial intelligence to put the “smart” in “smart buildings.”
Cloud-based, mobile first, and location-aware, Site 1001 helps owners, operators and facilities managers save money, improve building performance and extend building and asset life by delivering critical facilities information to the right person in the right place at the right time. Backed by a revolutionary building AI technology called ‘Carl,’ Site 1001 users can improve efficiency, slash FM costs, and extend equipment lifecycles without increasing workloads.
Company:Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Booth:LVCC, South Hall 2 - MP25756
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:SWKS - NASDAQ
Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is empowering the wireless networking revolution. Our highly innovative analog semiconductors are connecting people, places and things spanning a number of new and previously unimagined applications within the automotive, broadband, cellular infrastructure, connected home, industrial, medical, military, smartphone, tablet and wearable markets.
Skyworks is a global company with engineering, marketing, operations, sales and support facilities located throughout Asia, Europe and North America and is a member of the S&P 500® and Nasdaq-100® market indices (NASDAQ: SWKS). For more information, please visit Skyworks’ website at:
CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree, Silicon Valley-based SmartBeings has developed the world's first AI-embedded, interactive and affordable solution to managing multiple smart devices: WooHoo™.
Featuring a 360 degree camera, full video integration, intuitive setup and use, 3g connectivity, a smart power plug and easy-to-use software, WooHoo enables users to manage all connected home devices from any location, creating a true smart home IoT hub. The language processor enables WooHoo to understand the user, as if you were talking to another person. Through the product's AI interactive smart home hub, facial recognition and voice control, smart living is now both easy and affordable.
Snaappy is an AR communication platform. We bring together "traditional" communication features, as well as a unique layer of Augmented Reality, deeply integrated within the communication features. This entire technology is based on a family of 3D animated characters.
Storytelling AR functions are the next step in the evolution of communication apps and we are revolutionizing this space with our 4 main content creation tools:
1) Location based AR editor.
2) AR editor.
3) Video editor.
4) Image editor.
These tools are helping users to enhance their communication experience as well as deliver emotions digitally.


Snapmaker Technologies


52528, Eureka Park


3D Printing, CNC, laser engraving within one desktop machine. Snapmaker created a modular 3-in-1 3D printer and raised over $2 million on Kickstarter in 45 days. It is the 3rd most funded 3D Printing project in Kickstarter’s history. Our goal is to offer powerful digital fabrication tools for makers, STEAM educators, designers and students to rapidly bring their creations to life. We will introduce our plans/strategies for distributor partnerships, new product development, and many more exciting things to friends we meet at CES. Your presence will do us great honor and we look forward to meeting you at CES 2018!

Somfy is the global leader in the manufacturing of strong, quiet motors with electronic and app controls for both interior and exterior window coverings. More than 270 million users worldwide enjoy >150 million motors produced by Somfy.
During the past 45 years, Somfy engineers have designed products for both commercial and residential markets to motorize window coverings such as interior shades, wood blinds, draperies, awnings, rolling shutters, exterior solar screens and projection screens. Somfy motorization systems are easily integrated with security, HVAC and lighting systems providing total home or building automation. For more information, visit
Spire is the first company making wearables disappear into the clothing that you already wear.
Their most recent product, Spire Health Tag, is the industry’s smallest and most advanced device that discreetly adheres to your clothes; using advanced sensors to provide personalized, real-time health guidance. The partnered app uses advanced algorithms to analyze heart rate variability and respiratory patterns, activity and exercise, sleep stages, as well as stress and anxiety.
Spire has quickly become the recognized market-leader in continuous-respiration sensing, real-time interventions, and actionable feedback, with over $10M in funding from world-class investors, including Rock Health, Stanford University, and YCombinator.
Streamlabs is the easy, smart home water monitor. Referred to as the “Internet of Water™” – the fusion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and plumbing manufacturing – Streamlabs is developing and commercializing smart home technology.
For the first time ever, consumers can have the peace of mind that their home is protected from water damage. Easily mounted to the main water line in minutes without pipe cutting, Streamlabs delivers real time water consumption data and leak protection directly to the Stream smartphone app. And with seamless integration with Alexa or Nest, the Streamlabs water monitor makes any smart home even smarter.
Company:Tanita Corporation
Tanita is a world leader in precision electronic scales, and health and fitness monitoring products for Consumer and Professional use. Offering FDA Cleared Body Composition Monitors and Weight Scales with Radio Wireless options of ANT+, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity to PC and hand-held devices. Tanita is working to deliver the ideal health solution for next-generation lifestyles around the world.
Company:TDK Corporation
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:TYO: 6762 Tokyo Stock Exchange
TDK and its family of sensor companies offer sensors, sensor solutions and platforms for mobile, wearable, AR/VR, automotive, IoT and industrial applications. Marketed as product brands of EPCOS, InvenSense, Micronas and TDK, the portfolio includes products for sensing temperatures, pressures, currents and magnetic fields, as well as positions, angles, and acceleration rates. This complements TDK’s roster of electronic components, modules and systems (such as capacitors, inductors, ferrites, and RF products); power supplies; magnetic application products and flash memory application devices. Visiting OEMs can learn about market advancements, developments, design concerns, and new sensor offerings across motion, sound, environment and status.
Company:TeamYoung Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth:60516, LVCC
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:TWSE :5345
TeamYoung is composed of the most experienced team members, greatly dedicated to research and design and providing customers with various products. It is aiming for “Smarter Living, Better Life” and striving to work out the most comprehensive solutions to meet all manner of business needs. At the moment, it has developed Smart Power Remote Control System, Multi-Cell Power Management System, Vehicle Battery Continuation System. TeamYoung has been holding on to the sincere, proactive, synergic and innovative attitude to become your best partner in your life. ( &
Booth:Five Spot suite at the Renaissance Hotel
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:NASDAQ: TNAV
Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV) is a leading provider of connected car and location-based platform services, focused on transforming life on the go for people – before, during, and after every drive. Leveraging our location platform, global brands such as Ford, GM, Toyota, and AT&T deliver custom connected car and mobile experiences.
Fortune 500 advertisers and local advertisers can now reach millions of users with our highly-targeted advertising platform. To learn more about how Telenav’s location platform powers personalized navigation, mapping, big data intelligence, social driving, and location-based ads, visit
Company:Tend Insights, Inc.
Tend's mission is simple: to deliver groundbreaking devices that help families stay connected. We do this by giving visibility to the user in a more informed and secure way. With intelligent features including facial recognition, people and animal detection, live streaming, and free cloud storage services, Tend provides immersive experiences in awareness, mobility and privacy in the connected home. With pioneering brand partners such as John Deere, Universal, Kodak, and proud recipients of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Innovation Honoree Awards, we continue to strive for excellence in the connected home industry.
Company:Thinfilm Electronics ASA
Booth:Venetian Suite 30-221
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:OSE: THIN; OTCQX: TFECY
Thin Film Electronics ASA (“Thinfilm”) offers NFC mobile marketing solutions designed to help brands turn physical products into digital touchpoints. The technology enables brands to tell their story in their own words at moments of high customer intent – when consumers are holding or are in the proximity of the physical product.
Thinfilm offers end-to-end mobile marketing solutions that feature hardware, cloud-based campaign management tools, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. Collectively, these components deliver a powerful 1-to-1 digital marketing platform through which brands of all sizes can connect directly with consumers, all with the simple tap of a smartphone.
Company:Think Tank Photo
Think Tank Photo designs camera carrying solutions for working professionals. Our products are born from the collaborative efforts of professional photographers and product designers, working together with a common goal — to create the most inventive and effective solutions for all photographic situations. We go to great lengths to listen to our core customers and translate their feedback in everything we create.
The company was founded in January 2005 by designers Doug Murdoch and Mike Sturm, and photographers Deanne Fitzmaurice and Kurt Rogers. Deanne Fitzmaurice won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism in 2005.
Company:ThirdEye Gen, Inc.
At ThirdEye Gen, we are developing the next generation of Augmented Reality. Our X1 Smart Glasses for Enterprise are the world’s most powerful workplace smart glasses with Hands-Free mobile computing and a full work-day of battery life. This military-based technology provides your enterprise with a long-lasting, ruggedized product.
The X1 delivers a digital world with a 90” screen size in HD resolution that is your very own wearable, see-through personal computer. Our integrated AR Software applications give you a total enterprise solution without needing to go to 3rd party apps. We provide you with the full solution straight out of the box.
Company:Torc Robotics
Booth:NP-16, NP-16b
Torc Robotics, headquartered in Blacksburg, Virginia, provides end-to-end self-driving solutions across multiple industries, including automotive, defense, and mining. Founded in 2005, Torc has integrated its components and systems on ground vehicles ranging from consumer SUVs to 300-ton mining trucks—in safety-critical environments.
Torc first gained notice when it developed the self-driving software stack for Virginia Tech in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. As one of three winners of the DARPA Urban Challenge, Torc has commercialized this technology through partnerships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their Tier 1 suppliers.
Booth:Venetian Hospitality Suites
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:NYSE: TSE
Trinseo Plastics Take Products to Market. We are a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex binders, and synthetic rubber and our Performance Plastics division, represented at CES 2018, is a manufacturer and compounder of polycarbonate, ABS and polystyrene, focused on developing polymer solutions to help customers take their products to market and achieve marketplace success.
Trinseo works across a range of consumer technology end markets including medical devices, consumer electronics, lighting, automotive and electrical. We leverage cross-industry experiences with various materials and performance property requirements to help customers identify the best solution for their applications.
TupeloLife is a connected health company focused on creating technology for the areas of your life that matter: Health, Safety, Security, and Environment. TupeloLife offers the Precision Care Platform, a complete ecosystem comprised of hardware, software, and services for optimal patient management.


Turnoutt, Inc.




Get out of the cloud and into the crowd! Turnoutt, Inc. was founded to catalyze the use of social media as a tool for creating face-to-face connections among its community of users; what the company calls Social Discovery. Turnoutt Inc.’s first product, Turnoutt, is a social discovery application that gives users insights into the anonymous demographics and interests of the people at the events, venues and establishments they want to visit, when they want to visit them. With a focus on anonymity and real-time data, Turnoutt users can engage in social exploration with peace of mind and instant results.

Company:Up In The Lab, LP
Press Kit:
Up In The Lab will be launching a new All-In-One Smart Home Hub with Xunison to easily manage any device with IoT capabilities, access a plethora of digital media and entertainment, and provide network security from one easily accessible router and hub.
The company will also be debuting the Dual Magic Flash Drive- an iOS Lightning & Micro USB dual tip with USB thumb drive to easily transfer files between devices. The Lab’s other brands include Juiced2Go & WowFixIt which will both debut new additions at CES 2018.
UVeye provides high-end solutions for external inspection of vehicles, using advanced technologies that include proprietary hardware combined with machine learning and computer-vision algorithms.
UVeye’s first line of products, deployed all over the world, enables customers to automatically scan, detect and identify anomalies, modifications or foreign objects in the undercarriage of any vehicle.
Our algorithms detect mechanical problems or damages in any vehicle whilst in motion, that could otherwise go unnoticed and pose maintenance issues.
UVeye’s “Inspection as a Service” ensures safe & reliable operation of vehicles, and supports the industry as it develops future mobility paradigms.
Veem is a modern payments platform for small and medium-sized businesses to send, receive, and reconcile payments. With its unique mutli-rail financial network and simple payment experience, Veem is a long-overdue upgrade to the 1970's wire services. On Veem, sending global payments is as simple as sending an email.
Bikin’Time is a lightweight, vintage-style electric powered bicycle with fully customizable features and accessories. Bikin’Time has all the advantages of a sleek single speed bike with the added boost of electric power. The compact lithium-ion battery is detachable for simplified charging and can go upwards of 30 miles on a single charge. The rear wheel motor provides up to 250W of power and speeds up to 15 mi/hr without adding any extra weight to the molybdenum steel alloy frame. Designed in Paris, France, the Bikin’Time features quality leather and an LCD screen with speed, mileage, and battery life.
Booth:MP25064 South Hall
Wilson Electronics, LLC, home of WilsonPro, weBoost, and zBoost, is a leader in wireless communications infrastructure, dedicated to delivering access to communications for everyone, everywhere. The company has designed and manufactured cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components for more than 20 years. Each booster is designed to boost signal from carrier networks, significantly improving cellular coverage in homes, workplaces and vehicles. The booster designs also come equipped with patented technology to protect carrier networks from antenna oscillation, or feedback, and signal overload. All Wilson Electronics products are designed, assembled and tested in the U.S.A. Learn more at
Company:Wireless Mobi Solution
Booth:Sands 52827
Wireless Mobi Solution, Inc., designer and developer of high quality mobile devices and technologies, will exhibit the Movi Smartphone at Pepcom on Jan. 8 and CES at Eureka Park, Sands G, Booth 52827.
Movi is embedded with a laser, HD 720p pico projector, allowing users to utilize many surfaces as additional screens to enjoy and share content, including movies, videos, games, business and educational presentations, and more. The projector, powered by MicroVision’s PicoP® Scanning Engine, can project quality content, up to 100”, anywhere. Movi’s processing power provides best-in-class performance for mobile computing and graphics capabilities, with minimal power consumption.
Company:Wistron NeWeb Corp.
Wistron NeWeb Corporation (WNC) invites you to experience “Intelligent Broadband Access & Networking Solutions”, our unique vision of the opportunities for the residential, enterprise, and automotive markets.
WNC specializes in the design and development of cutting-edge communications products and provides quality services. WNC’s technical expertise ranges across various applications from broadband, broadcasting, multimedia, and the IoT to wireline and wireless communications, with product scope covering solutions in network communications, digital home products, satellite broadcasting, and intelligent driver assistance systems. For more information, please visit:
Company:WorldConnect AG
Booth:35024, South Hall 4
SKROSS® products are available in more than 100 countries around the world, where SKROSS® is successfully positioned as a leading brand for high-quality travel accessories. Our range of products includes the world famous and unique SKROSS® world travel adapters, a complete range of USB chargers for car and home, power banks and charge & sync cables for today’s modern traveler. Our products are globally renowned as safe, simple and Swiss: they fulfill international regulatory requirements in terms of safety, are simple to use and always reflect the highest standards of Swiss quality workmanship.
Ximantis offers AI congestion predictive technologies for Mobility, Connected Cars, Smart Cities.
Turning traffic reporting data into actionable and accurate information is complex work, requiring highly skilled intelligent interpretation. Crowd sourced data is worthless without such interpretive depth.
Combining accurate observation data with the patented Ximantis algorithm, Ximantis generates a highly sophisticated tool for refined scientific rendering of traffic reality and its future evolution.
Ximantis predicts exact location-time of future congestion, before it starts forming, counteracting congestion and emission problems while optimizing traffic.
For use by drivers, traffic bureaus, ADAS etc. For self-driving vehicles, it reconstructs traffic, navigating with anticipation.
Booth:5624 LVCC North Hall
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:XPER (Nasdaq)
Xperi Corporation and its brands, DTS, FotoNation, HD Radio, Invensas and Tessera, are dedicated to creating innovative technology solutions that enable extraordinary experiences for people around the world. Xperi’s solutions are licensed by hundreds of leading global partners and have shipped in billions of products in areas including premium audio, automotive, broadcast, computational imaging, computer vision, mobile computing and communications, memory, data storage, and 3D semiconductor interconnect and packaging.
Company:Yueh In Co., Ltd.
We are a Taiwanese company with more than 35-years of experience and have our own ISO9001 certificated factory in China. Our main products include:
- multi-socket of Power strip with surge & smart USB port: all models are designed according to UL requirement
- Wifi smart socket from smartphone to switching & time setting for home appliances
- IOT 2.4G or wifi wireless smart kit for switching home appliances, detecting situation and providing housing security
Booth:Aria Sky Suite
Ticker Symbol & Exchange:NYSE: YUME
YuMe is a proven partner for video advertising leadership and innovation. We provide superior brand solutions with data-driven audience insights that increase engagement and sales. YuMe’s programmatic, audience-based technologies and unrelenting service deliver a complete marketing solution to engage audiences wherever they interact with content that matches their needs and interests. YuMe is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with worldwide offices.
Company:ZF Friedrichshafen AG
Booth:8717 LVCC North Hall
ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety technology. The company has a global workforce of around 137,000 with approximately 230 locations in 40 countries.
In 2016, ZF achieved sales of approximately €35 billion. ZF annually invests about six percent of its sales in R&D – ensuring continued success through the design and engineering of innovative technologies. ZF is one of the largest automotive suppliers worldwide. ZF allows vehicles to see, think and act. With its technologies, the company is striving for Vision Zero – a world of mobility without accidents and emissions.

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