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“Jonathan’s Life is for the Glory of God”

Jonathan Carey "Champion for the Disabled" Born September 12,1993 Killed by caregivers on February 15,2007

Publicly giving thanks for Jonathan, an amazing boy, a bright shining light for people with disabilities and for everyone, he is a hero and a champion

Remember Jonathan and always remember all of his friends, especially everyone with disabilities and their families that need our help in many ways. Thank you.”— Michael CareyALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 23, 2017 / -- It is Thanksgiving and we miss Jonathan, I awoke this morning with the thoughts and memories of the words spoken over Jonathan’s life a number of times by different people, even those that we did not know. We must have heard these identical words, five or six times over the years when we brought Jonathan forward in church services for prayer, “Jonathan’s life is for the Glory of God.”

Jonathan Michael Carey was born on September 12, 1993 and is Michael and Lisa Carey’s first born son. Jonathan’s name means “a gift from God” and he certainly is exactly that, he is an amazing gift from God. Jonathan lives with God now in heaven; this is why we miss him so much. It is important to tell a little of his story and why his life although cut short at the age of 13 has touched so many and will continue to touch millions of people all over the world.

Jonathan beamed with joy and stood out as a little baby, of course I was bias, but it is true, there was something about him, he was special and he shined. Jonathan was not reaching certain development skills and doctors started to show concerns about Jonathan not walking or talking yet, and then we received the news, “Jonathan is mentally retarded.” The diagnose now would be “developmentally disabled.” Of course it was a shock at first, but it did not matter to me, Jonathan’s dad, I could not be more proud of my precious son.

At six years old Jonathan was also diagnosed with autism. Jonathan was walking fine, but his speech never developed for reasons we do not know. Although Jonathan was primarily non verbal, he was able to speak a few things here and there and my favorite was “Daddy.” Jonathan had this one other short sentence that he miraculously could say and he would say it over and over again repetitively, “Where you going?” Jonathan would say this over and over and really quickly, “Where you going?”- “Where you going?” - “Where you going?” Think about these words for a moment, as if Jonathan was asking you this question himself.

I believe Jonathan was sent from God as a messenger to us all. These words are amazing and speak volumes and these three short words can profoundly change our lives for the good or not for the good, if we ignore this question. I can and must tell you now that Jonathan knew God as a child intimately; he was drawn to the Jesus film as a very young child, this is an amazing film of the life of Jesus according to the book of Luke in the Bible. This film is used for evangelistic outreaches all over the world and this movie helps people make the decision to accept Jesus as their savior and their Lord in a spiritual way into them personally. Written on Jonathan’s tombstone are these words from a portion of the Holy Scriptures from the book of Romans Chapter 6 verse 23 which says “ …the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” The whole verse from the Bible is, “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” Let Jonathan’s three short words, “Where you going?” speak to you. The big question to us all is regarding eternal life and heaven, but also let them speak for the course that you are going in now in your life. Have you accepted the free gift of eternal life that only comes by freely receiving Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord? The Scriptures tell us that we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. God, our Father, made a way for us all to be redeemed to him, for us to have an amazing relationship with him, not for us to be religious and hypocritical. So –“where are you going?”

This press release took a different course than what I originally sat down to write. I did not know, so I have believe that many reading this today on Thanksgiving or any day in the future need to hear what is being said. Always remember Jonathan and that his name means a gift from God. One more really important name that I must shout from the rooftops is the one and only name by which man can be saved and that name is Jesus. Jesus is Lord. The name of Jesus translated into Hebrew is Yahushua and in His name, just like Jonathan’s, has a special meaning, Yahushua means – “Gods salvation.” – it is who He is! Don’t let anyone trick you or deceive you in anyway, God loves you, and you must understand that you cannot earn your way to Him or to heaven; He is the gift of eternal life. You simply receive a gift, in this case the greatest gift you could ever receive, the gift of eternal life. If you want eternal life, then open the door of your life, receive His mercy and pardon for all of your sins and surrender all control -receive Yahushua/Jesus in freely and enjoy eternal life now and forever. I gave all of my heart, soul, mind and strength, everything to the Lord Jesus or Yahushua over 26 years ago, this is my understanding of loving Him as He loves me.

I had a powerful dream from God just before Jonathan was tragically killed by his caregivers while he was living in a New York State residential facility in Schenectady, New York on February 15th of 2007. Jonathan, as a young boy, was sitting in a court room testimony box with an old fashioned cone-shaped mega phone held up to his mouth. Written down the side of this megaphone was the word –RIGHTEOUSNESS. I awoke and said to my beautiful wife Lisa, “God is going to use Jonathan to speak loud and clear and testify for RIGHTEOUSNESS.” We did not know or understand that within a very short time that Jonathan would be taken from us or that he would be killed. I want everyone to know that Jonathan is safe, that he is enjoying heaven and that everything Jonathan went through here was ultimately to help many people and I believe ultimately many millions of people with disabilities and their families all over the world.

Jonathan suffered greatly; he was harmed on multiple occasions, he was abused and neglected by people that were supposed to care for him with love and respect. Jonathan was suffocated to death and it was not just the two men in the van that horrible night that were only to blame. When a system is set up to financially exploit people with disabilities and not to provide the best of best services and care something is horribly wrong. Almost all of the most basic safety and abuse prevention measures that you would think are in place to ensure safe care are not in place. The end results are that practically anything can happen, and believe me, many horrible things are happening in New York State’s extremely dangerous and deadly mental health care system. I am an expert in this area and thankfully have been able to get some basic changes, Jonathan’s Law and a changing the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony for anyone that harms a person with a disability. The travesty is though, is that 7,800 calls on average every month go into an internal abuse hotline for the disabled run by the State of New York. Almost everything is purposefully kept from the 911 call systems, local police and all local authorities, including the District Attorney and Medical Examiners. As 11-13 children and adults with disabilities are dying every day in New York’s system, nothing significant is being done to stop these atrocities. People with disabilities are precious, they are equally valuable residents and citizens and tragically we must still have to fight for them to actually obtain their equal rights to even 911 emergency medical and police services and swift assistance. This is crazy; it is ludicrous that some of our most vulnerable would be denied equal access to immediate 911 services. This is for Jonathan’s friends now, for those that are still alive. We must together do everything possible to help those that cannot care for themselves, those that cannot speak and for everyone that cannot defend themselves.

Please simply do what God puts in your heart to do and please help us to continue to be a strong voice for RIGHTEOUSNESS. We corporately can bring about vital lifesaving and discrimination ending changes. No longer can 911 and local police be bypassed. 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual abuse, rapes, physical assaults, significant injuries, as well as obviously all other crimes, medical emergencies and deaths. Currently, in New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed these crimes, including all deaths, to be internally reported to another one of his agencies where almost everything disappears, they are covered-up. The corruption and fraud surrounding the insufficient and horrible care of people with disabilities within New York State cannot continue.

I am compelled to honor my son Jonathan today on Thanksgiving and I cannot ever thank Jesus enough for the time we had together here. I look forward to seeing Jonathan again and enjoying the fullness of God’s glory with him in heaven. The words prophetically spoken over Jonathan’s life many times are true, “Jonathan’s life is for the Glory of God!”

Remember Jonathan and always remember all of his friends, especially everyone with disabilities and their families that need our help in many ways. Thank you.

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Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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