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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is Protecting Sexual Predators, Pedophiles & Rapists

The sex crimes and cover-ups beginning to surface is only the tip of the iceberg of what New York Governor Cuomo has been involved in for over a decade

Governor Andrew Cuomo must immediately step down, he must resign now.”— Michael CareyALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2017 / -- God only knows the real numbers of victims; they are estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Women that can speak and can hire an attorney are starting to come forward and , but most of the victims are severely disabled women and children that live in known unsafe facilities and group homes under Cuomo’s control. Governor Cuomo has had full knowledge of the scope of wide-scale rampant sexual abuse and cover-ups within his agencies and has looked the other way for many years, literally allowing these perverts and sexual predators to thrive and have their way with anyone they so choose Governor Andrew Cuomo must immediately step down, he must resign now.

Former New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer stepped down after being exposed for being caught visiting a high paid prostitute which is nothing in comparison to what Governor Andrew Cuomo has been involved in. Governor Cuomo has been guarding sexual predators, countless numbers, within his own mental health care system that has thousands of reported sexual assaults and rapes every year and only a tiny fraction are ever reported . Reporting of these sex crimes against societies most vulnerable are directed, by Governor Cuomo, to be internally reported to Governor Cuomo’s abuse hotline for the disabled. The vast majority of these crimes are never reported to local police or County elected District Attorney’s, they disappear.

Governor Cuomo, without question, has done everything conceivable to try to keep all reporting of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rapes, all which are sex crimes, internal, so almost all are internally covered-up. The Governor’s defense in this woman’s case, which just bravely came forward, she did not cooperate with our internal investigations As the Founder of the Jonathan Carey Foundation, Michael Carey, I have personally sought numerous investigations of Governor Andrew Cuomo for his involvement in covering up sex crimes. I sought investigations by the New York State Inspector General since she was appointed by the governor per the advice of other law enforcement officials and the FBI and she looked the other way to protect her boss, Governor Andrew Cuomo. Long ago, many requests also for a Special Prosecutor went ignored by Catherine Leahy Scott.

There are many distinct reasons why the culture of corruption in Albany has not been stopped, but instead thrived. Corrupt leaders, corrupt politicians’ and corrupt agencies have guarded the governor and other top State officials involved with a vengeance. Anytime someone gets close, it gets shut down. Simply look at the Moreland Commission as one example, Cuomo shut it down when it got close to him .

“I am calling for Governor Cuomo to immediately resign. Sexual harassment, sexual abuse, rape and cover-ups of these crimes are illegal. Internal investigations by people appointed by and under Governor Cuomo’s control does not work, it is not justice.” – Michael Carey

Another top State official protected and recently promoted by Cuomo has been alleged to be involved in both sexual harassment and wide-scale cover-ups of sex crimes committed against the disabled and . Somehow the governor has escaped answering questions regarding why he did not fire Jay Kiyonaga long ago for numerous complaints made directly to him and his top staff dating back years . Countless other questions also have gone ignored by Governor Cuomo, including these; why was Jay Kiyonaga promoted and why was he allowed to be promoted to a position where he could possibly further endanger people with disabilities and women? Kiyonaga was the top person in control within Cuomo’s fraudulent abuse reporting agency for the disabled, wrongfully called, the Justice Center. It is alleged that Kiyonaga ensured that almost all sexual assaults and rapes of the disabled never were criminally investigated and internally covered-up. Governor Cuomo recently rewarded Mr. Kiyonaga for his faithful service to him, after the sexual harassment allegations, to the number two position within another State agency, OPWDD, which is rampant with sexual abuse and internal cover-ups.



“New York State documents obtained through Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) dating back to 2005 reveal that the New York State OMRDD/OPWDD system has a culture of sexual abuse, rape and cover-ups. Thousands of reported sex crimes committed against the disabled are never reported to local police or District Attorney’s and are disappearing within the system that former Attorney General Cuomo and now Governor Cuomo has protected with a vengeance . State data, as well as this well known study found on the State of Massachusetts website titled, Prevalence of Violence, point to possibly one third of developmentally disabled residents within Governor Cuomo’s OPWDD system being sexually assaulted annually. In the OPWDD system of 126,000 developmentally disabled children and adults, many of whom cannot speak to tell anyone anything, there are upwards of 43,000 victims of sexual assaults or rape every year. Try to wrap your mind around the scope of what I am bringing to your attention and the fact that Governor Cuomo is protecting, not stopping this evil.” - Michael Carey
Governor Cuomo knows about these sex crimes, the atrocities, he has protected most of the criminals involved and he has taken no significant actions to stop or prevent any of these sex crimes or criminal cover-ups. Governor Cuomo must be investigated and criminally charged as soon as possible. Here again is the extensive timeline of what Governor Andrew Cuomo has known about and has protected for over ten years .

Remember these words spoken from a convicted pedophile of Governor Cuomo’s system calling it “a predators dream.”
The pedophile and former New York State employed caregiver that was eventually caught in a federal porn sting, called New York’s system controlled by Governor Andrew Cuomo “a predator’s dream”

Here is the direct quote from this AP News story written by David Klepper;

“New York State is paying $3 million to the family of developmentally disabled boy repeatedly molested by a staffer at a state-run group home who later wrote that lax supervision at the facility made it "a predator's dream."

No longer can 911 and local police be bypassed. 911 call systems must be immediately called by all mandated reporters regarding all sexual abuse and obviously all other crimes and medical emergencies. Please donate and support this vital Civil Rights Movement for the disabled and their families, but also for our country and the world, the maltreatment and unequal treatment of the disabled is an international societal problem that must be addressed now. People with disabilities are equal and just as valuable and precious as anyone else- period.

Michael Carey
The Jonathan Carey Foundation
(518) 852-9377
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The incredible life and tragic preventable death of Jonathan Carey, who was disabled, had autism, was non-verbal & only 13 when he was killed by his caregivers

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