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TI Digital Signal Controllers Offering 16 Channel Point Of Load Control and High Industrial System Integration Now Available in Volume

HOUSTON, May 22 /PRNewswire/ -- Continuing to broaden its digital signal controller (DSC) portfolio, Texas Instruments Incorporated (NYSE:TXN) (TI) today announced volume availability of TMS320F28044 and F2809 digital signal controllers. These devices offer 100 MIPS of 32-bit digital signal processing (DSP) performance optimized for industrial applications like digital power management, servo motor control and intelligent sensor control. The F28044 controller allows power system designers to transition to software-controlled, digital power management using a 32-bit processor and is targeted at multi-channel point of load (POL) applications such as telecommunications and networking infrastructure equipment, servers, laptop computers, and industrial equipment. F2809 controllers allow engineers to develop highly integrated industrial control systems by combining a host of input, output and communications peripherals. For more information on the F28044 and F2809 controllers, see

TI's TMS320C2000(TM) controller platform's now includes 18 high-performance, 32-bit controllers that combine real-time DSP performance with the peripheral integration, C-language efficiency and ease of use of a microcontroller (MCU). F28044 and F2809 devices feature a 32-bit wide data path for superior performance and mixed 16-/32-bit instruction set for improved code density. These devices also feature a patent-pending pulse width modulator (PWM) with 150 picosecond (ps) resolution. This unprecedented high-resolution pulse width modulation (HRPWM) technology provides 16 bits of accuracy in a 100 KHz control loop and 12 bits at 1.5 MHz.

In digital power applications, for example, higher resolution PWM results in a faster transient response with a smaller ripple amplitude. The unique accuracy of the high resolution PWM eliminates 'limit cycle' issues, which means power supply designers are now able to use digital control in high-switching frequency supplies like those found in wireless base stations, network servers, and even digital televisions.

Single-Chip Solution for Multi-Rail/Multi-Phase Systems

The TMS320F28044 (sampling announced in October 2006) is the industry's only single, programmable controller that can manage up to 16 DC/DC converter channels for multi-phase control. Each channel offers 150ps resolution and is based on patented HRPWM technology. The controller's programmability lets designers build intelligence into power supply systems and simultaneously manage sequencing, margining, phase compensation, and transient response of multiple DC/DC converters. DSP performance plus integrated HRPWM technology provides the full digital loop control and output accuracy necessary at switching frequencies over 1MHz.

The F28044 controller is part of TI's growing DSC and high-performance analog portfolio of digital power solutions that enable designers to implement digitally controlled power systems with high system intelligence and performance in an easy-to-use, intuitive development environment. TI's digital power solutions are optimized for applications ranging from point-of- load to high-power AC/DC and DC/AC conversion. See:

At $5.00 in volume, the F28044 device provides full digital loop control and system management for only $0.32 per channel. Because one F28044 device performs all loop control, sequencing, system management and communications for up to 16 DC rails, designers save costs by eliminating individual analog converters, standalone sequencing chips and communications MCUs previously used in complex POL applications.

The F28044 controller is part of TI's growing high-performance digital and analog portfolio of digital power solutions that enable designers to implement digitally controlled power systems with high system intelligence and performance in an easy-to-use, intuitive development environment. From its Fusion Digital Power(TM) series of UCD9K and UCD7K controllers and power supply drivers, to the fully programmable TMS320F28x DSC controllers, TI's digital power solutions are optimized for applications ranging from point-of-load to high-power AC/DC and DC/AC conversion. See:

Expanded Memory and Peripherals Open New Doors

The F2809 controller offers exceptional system integration, providing complete control system capabilities from signal input through the on-chip analog to digital converter (ADC), quadrature encoder pulse (QEP), and timer captures and compares through signal output with up to 16 independent PWM channels. The 12.5 megasamples per second (MSPS), 12-bit ADC boasts an effective number of bits (ENOB) of 10.9 and is valid across the full -40 to 125 degrees C temperature range. Key communication interfaces include multiple CAN, I2C, UART and SPI ports. The F2809 device offers 256KB of on-chip flash, 36KB and includes six 150ps resolution PWM channels. The F2809 controller is available for $13.00 (1Ku).

TI Enables Innovation with Broad Range of Controllers

From ultra low power MSP430 and 32-bit general purpose TMS470 ARM7(R)-based MCUs to high performance TMS320C2000 digital signal controllers, TI offers designers the broadest range of embedded control solutions. Designers can also accelerate their design to market by tapping into TI's complete software and hardware tools, extensive third party offerings and technical support. For more information on the broad range of TI's controllers, see

About TI

Texas Instruments Incorporated provides innovative DSP and analog technologies to meet our customers' real world signal processing requirements. In addition to Semiconductor, the company's businesses include Educational & Productivity Solutions. TI is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and has manufacturing, design or sales operations in more than 25 countries.

Texas Instruments is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol TXN. More information is located on the World Wide Web at


TMS320C2000, C2000 are trademarks of Texas Instruments. ARM7 is a registered trademark of ARM. All other registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Source: Texas Instruments Incorporated

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