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How FreeHostingResell offers a free hosting reseller solution to those who want to start their own web hosting business

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According to Statista there are over 1 Billion domain names already registered on the internet and more are being registered on a daily basis. The web hosting industry is already too saturated as there are lots web hosting companies already offering several hosting services in several regions but this doesn’t dispute the fact that new companies can still be formed and if they offer valuable services they are able to compete in the already highly competitive Market.

According to some statistical findings, over 80% of web hosting websites seen out there are actually resellers who have paid for a portion of some server spaces from the big data center owners. So no matter what is offered which region or language, there is a ready Market waiting to try a new service.

The FreeHostingResell Team has identified some issues faced by those just starting their web hosting company and they have developed solutions to solve them. 

Here is a detailed list of issues faced when managing a web hosting platform and how FreeHostingResell tends to solve them.

1)  Recurrent Subscription:

The Problem: This is a major issue faced by those just starting their own web hosting business, imagine a web hosting company asking a new reseller to pay up to $300 Monthly to be able to resell to up to just 50 customers. They will be paying $300 monthly until they are able to start making profit. Sometimes, some web hosting startup never meet up because of other challenges faced when running a web hosting business.

FreeHostingResell Solution:  With FreeHostingResell users don’t need to pay for any recurring subscription; they are able to resell domains, VPS, VPS Clouds, Dedicated servers and other addons for free without any initial deposit or recurring deposits required. With this, payment for servers is totally eradicated when planning to set up a hosting business with them.

2) Support:

The Problem: One of the major things customers look out for when choosing which Company to host their websites is how quickly their support team can respond to their questions and solve their issues if any arises. Hosting businesses with poor customer service will have all their customers looking for alternatives most certainly. If one is just starting a web hosting business or starting with a low budget, he/she might not be able to meet up with support and also employing the right technicians to handle technical support is quite expensive because highly skilled persons are needed to handle that position.

FreeHostingResell Solution: The FreeHostingResell Team will handle support for all reseller’s customers on a fully white labeled situation. This means that the customer will never know that the reseller’s site is actually affiliated to the FreeHostingReseller’s site, everything is done professionally and the best professionals to handle and solve all enquires. Starting a web hosting this way will eradicate this major costing required to start a web hosting Company.

3) Web Design & Maintenance

The Problem: Well one might think it’s a low budget to just build a website, but if checked against what other competitors have designed then one will understand that building a standard web hosting website will cost a little. Most times, one might want to add a few things from time to time. So if one contract a web designer it means he will be paid each time modifications are needed on the website or to add more features. Regular maintenance is also a factor as one need to constantly secure, maintain and improve the website from time to time if one wants to remain relevant in the web hosting industry. Most times, web designers are hired as a permanent staff or a contract staff who is paid monthly to carry out all these tasks.

FreeHostingResell Solution:  Using Freehostingresell’s solution then the cost to design the website and regular maintenance is totally eradicated because the solution provides a readymade template where one can just select from and their team of developers will regularly maintain all the websites on their network and also make sure all reseller’s websites are secured and maintained for regular updates.  This cost has been eradicated making it possible anyone to begin their own web hosting business without any major cost required.

4) Cost Price & Limitations

The Problem: If a reseller plan is purchased from any of the popular web hosting sites, then they should be ready to face some limitations. Example, one could be given a reseller CPanel account which could resell 50 other Cpanel accounts at a particular price, let’s say $200 monthly. The limitation here is that, the reseller can’t resell above 50 accounts for that reseller plan purchased and he would need to buy another plan when it’s exhausted. Most times, the reseller packages out there are almost impossible to make good profits from, some offer ridiculous plans limiting how many Disk space & bandwidth one can resell per account. 

FreeHostingResell Solution: The beauty of this whole reselling thing is that resellers can resell unlimited accounts without any deposit required. So if resellers have over 10,000 customers, he would make direct profits and incur no additional cost of owing the servers to resell to those 10,000 persons.

Resellers only need to modify default prices and they make profit easily reselling these servers. Example, if a particular hosting plan is offered for $10 monthly, the reseller can just modify this price to whatever he wants let’s say $35. So this means that on that hosting plan ordered from the reseller’s website, the reseller will be making $25 Monthly without initially buying the servers, without handing support, without spending a dime building the website and maintaining it.

5) WHMCS Recurring License:

The Problem: The first thing a reseller needs to plan for if he is starting his own web hosting business is the WHMCS license. WHMCS is known for its automations which makes web hosting management a lot easier than some other options in the Market but this doesn’t come for free. The WHMCS license is paid at the official rate of $18.95 monthly if one have up to 250 customers or less then be ready to pay $39.95 if the reseller wants the unlimited customers plan. So even if $0 was made or at 0 customers monthly, the license must still be paid!

FreeHostingResell Solution: The FreeHostingResell Team has built a custom web hosting management that can compete with the features of WHMCS also. The custom solution has lots of automations making it possible for most servers to be created automatically after orders and it’s also an excellent domain management tool for domain managers. It’s completely free for all Resellers which can easily manage all their customer’s hosting accounts. So a reseller can even have more than a million customers and he will be required to pay nothing for this!

6) Other Necessary Tools

The Problem: Even after purchasing a reseller account one still need to pay for some other tools if he wants to remain in business. They are endless but some of them are;

a) DDOS protection: The main reseller website needs to be protected from hackers else student hackers will use the web hosting platform to learn and gain some accolades. DDOS protection isn’t cheap especially if one wants to protect a larger risk, some businesses budget up to $3,000 yearly only for this to make sure everything is working fine for their web hosting website

b) Softaculous, CPanel & other addons:  There are some very basic addons one would need to purchase for the purpose of reselling. Softaculour, CPanel, SSL and the rest are what one might need to pay for Monthly just to keep the offers very attractive to prospective and existing customers.

c) Live Chat: Well except the reseller want to build this from scratch himself, he would need to purchase a license, and the average Market price is about $10 – $15 per staff, so if he has up to 7 staffs then do the Maths!

FreeHostingResell Solution: Everything is provided for free and this keyword has been maintained down to every part of starting the web hosting business. With FreeHostingResell, all reseller sites hosted on their network automatically are pegged to the DDOS protection already installed on the server which will protect all reseller websites. Addons like CPanel, softaculos, SSL and the rest is the reseller’s least worry as they aren’t going to spend a dime providing this, FreeHostingResell provides all of this to their customers.

The live chat system works excellently well in the sense that they are able to provide support for all customers on their network easily identifying a customer and which site he is coming from. Resellers don’t need to worry about how this is done or providing another LifeChat support, this is done by FreeHostingResell easily.


Every day new technologies are built and continuously everyone try to improve how things are done especially when it has to do with business and making more profits. Every Company’s dream is to reduce expenditures and increase revenue, whatever means this can be achieved as long as it’s possible they go for it.

The web hosting industry is only very profitable when one is able to just focus on Marketing without incurring additional expenses needed for managing the business on a daily or monthly basis. So a reseller is given a solution to resell over 400TLDs of domains for free, VPS, VPS Cloud, and Dedicated Server for free without worrying about server configuration, payment issues, support, design, security, maintenance, limitations and so on. Just make profit and withdraw!

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