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New Audio App for PC Gamers — A New Level of Excellence

Powered by FiDef

Giving gamers an audio advantage to help them win more and improve the gaming experience.

Gaming is personal because the programming adapts to the gamer’s moves and actions. FireWav is real time so it’s also providing better audio regardless of a player’s moves, actions and reactions”— Jayson Tomlin - Co-FounderMINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, February 18, 2021 / -- Fideliquest, Inc.

Imagine a gaming environment where you hear everything the game developer intended – instead of what’s conveyed once your game’s audio has been processed, compressed and encoded. But what does “hear everything” mean? For a gamer, sensory overload can be real. Your brain is hard at work decoding and deciphering visuals, spoken words, partner conversation, sound effects and more. As a gamer, you play long, and you play loud — and success means navigating through the game with sight and audio being co-equal partners. Gamers want every advantage they can get to win and enjoy their experience. Money is spent on better and faster responding monitors. Computer speed and processing power is king. You try to get the best sound card and headphones you can. Yet, with great graphics and PC systems, audio is only as good as the encoded source audio your game comes with. Digital encoding always strips away something resulting in the “flattening” of definition, soundstage and distinction of key audio elements. Until now.

Fideliquest introduces the FireWav audio app for PC gamers — and a great offer to get it. Great audio is the final frontier in the gamer’s world. No one in the world of audio science has figured out how to reverse the losses from the digital encoding process until the founders of Fideliquest set out 5 years ago to do. No one understood how to return what’s been lost in a way that’s seamless and without latency; or requiring any change to a gamer’s listening devices. Co-founder Jayson Tomlin put it as follows: “When the brain is missing information, it works harder to fill in the blanks. With FireWav, the brain can focus more on the overall game because it’s getting clearer information from better audio”.

Until now, there’s been no app or audio processing like FireWav for PC gamers. Without a proper frame-of-reference, no one really thinks their loud and exciting audio can be any better. Simply put, there’s nothing like FireWav for gamers that, in real time, gives a gamer a ‘split-second’ advantage. With FireWav, gamers hear the subtle noises that are typically ‘flat or unintelligible’. If a gamer has a better sense of direction or an earlier sense of where a competitor is hiding – and understands what’s being said without straining, it means more focus and better outcomes. And all gamers want the extra edge to win!

The great thing about FireWav for gamers is its underlying technology is something called FiDef. FiDef is patented and its complex algorithms returns certain audio cues to the audio stream, in real time, that allows gamers’ brains hear sounds like they were intended. It’s ultimately less fatiguing and aids in the quest to “hear more, play faster and play longer”. Tomlin made this observation: “Gaming is personal because the programming adapts to the gamer’s moves and actions. FireWav is real time so it’s also providing better audio regardless of a player’s moves, actions and reactions.”

Proof is in the listening — FireWav is already being touted by both professional and up-and-coming gamers. Tomlin further commented: “As great as it is to get professional gamers on-board, it’s the everyday gamer who just says, ‘Wow, I can’t believe how much better this is’. That’s music to our ears”.
Tomlin stated: “We were trying to think how we compare audio processed through FireWav versus other sound system inventions in history. Our best summarization is: ‘for all the great improvements in sound delivery systems, we’re the first to finally impact the source audio so when it’s played through today’s great sound systems, you get the best audio ever’. For gamers, it is a game changer.”

Any PC gamer who wants to try FireWav can do so for free through a special FireWav Free 10-Day Trial Offer. Visiting and choosing the Free Trial gets the offer. If “hearing is believing for you”, the introductory offer just gets better. For a limited time, an introductory discounted annual license will be upgraded to a lifetime license for free. Gamers have nothing to lose, and great audio to gain. Hearing everything a game developer intended is accomplished without adding extra hardware, sound simulation software or upgraded headphones.

The audio and listening sensation of FireWav is straight out of ‘the studio’. It’s not just game audio that’s inside your head, FireWav transports gamers into the arena where they are more a part of the action than ever before.


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Iron Star Ventures, LLC
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