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“Universal Dividend,” A Song By Krunchie Killeen, Released On Spotify

A close up of Krunchie Killeen's white bearded face

A smiling Krunchie Killeen with the Tolka River & foliage in background

Krunchie Killeen taking a stroll by the side of the River Tolka

Krunchie Killeen, wearing white peaked hat and James Joyce style glasses, singing

Krunchie Killeen impersonating James Joyce at the Feis of 1904

Krunchie Killeen Releases On Spotify (And Other Digital Channels) “The Universal Dividend,” A Song Calling For A Monthly Payment To All Adults

A person would not have to be unemployed to claim this dividend: (s)he would be entitled just by being an adult member of the human race”— Krunchie KilleenDUBLIN, DUBLIN 11, IRELAND, February 14, 2021 / -- Krunchie Killeen has released “The Universal Dividend,” a song calling for the introduction of a monthly payment to all adults across the world. This would ensure that all humans get to share in the wealth of the world. A person would not have to be unemployed to claim this dividend: (s)he would be entitled just by being an adult member of the human race. The song is available (from 15 February 2021) on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music, Amazing Radio, and other digital channels.

The feasibility of such a payment becomes credible now that President Biden has announced a payment to every household in the USA.

A Universal Dividend, (also called Universal Basic Income), has previously been called for by Martin Luther King Jnr, Economist Milton Friedman (“negative income tax”), Andrew Yang (author of “The War On Normal People”), Kevin B Greene, Yanis Varoufakis, and others.

The cost of administering such a payment would be low, since it would involve no scrutiny, except proof of identity, and, therefore, unlike Unemployment Assistance, require no elaborate bureaucracy. A person would be credited with the dividend simply by registering and having some biological identifier recorded (fingerprint, photo, iris image, or whatever is suitable per current technology).

One nation already has a universal dividend for its members: the Seminole Indians of Florida: see

Most of the advocates of a Universal Dividend envisage national implementation. Krunchie, however, calls for a Universal Dividend supervised by the United Nations. He suggests that the funding of the United Nations in future be by a universal wealth tax (of, perhaps 1% of the wealth of individuals whose net worth is more than $10 M) to cover both the administration of the United Nations, the Universal Dividend, and the other UN programs.
Because the Universal Dividend would stimulate the world economy, as well as reducing economic migration and other endemic problems, it would actually lead to an increase in world wealth.

The words of Krunchie’ poem are:

Let's make a new path for all the nations
Based on the worldwide brotherhood of man,
Paying a universal dividend
To every person in every land,
Removing poverty and destitution,
Building a world based on trust and peace.
Let us renew the United Nations
To care for every race and creed.

Let us stand for human values;
Let us stand for the Rights of Man;
No more armies, no more slaughters,
Nor more leaders' bloodstained hands.

For this song, Krunchie adopts the air of a martial song in Irish written by Ireland's first President, Douglas Hyde (1860 - 1949).

The song will be found in Krunchie’s repertoire on Spotify at:

A selection of photos of Krunchie can be viewed and downloaded from:

On his “Krunchie Concert” blog page, Krunchie provides easy access to his musical releases:

A selection of Krunchie’s album art is found on Pinterest at:

Krunchie Killeen is a retired Civil Servant who lives in Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland.
Krunchie's biography can be viewed on:

Further information: Krunchie Killeen, +353 87 908 5149;

Krunchie Killeen
+353 87 908 5149
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The Universal Dividend

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