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1008 Hydrogen Water Introduces A New Level Of Hydration

1008 is a new and innovative brand of hydrogen water with plans to shock the bottled water market entirely by offering a new and fresh alternative to hydration.

LA, USA, January 27, 2021 / -- 1008 Hydrogen Water is one of the first U.S. based water brands to offer hydrogen infused alkaline water. After extensive testing and researching the benefits of hydrogen water 1008 is set to launch the new water brand this Spring.

But what is hydrogen water? Tap and bottled water already contain hydrogen, but hydrogen water contains additional hydrogen gas. Additional hydrogen gas does not alter the pH level, and since hydrogen gas is odorless and tasteless, hydrogen water can taste no different than your normal alkaline water. Yet the addition of extra hydrogen gas is said to provide an array of health benefits if consumed regularly.

In response, co-owner of 1008 Hydrogen Water, Brooke Duplechain said: "We were shocked when we learned how little our peers knew of hydrogen water and its benefits especially since they are just as active as we are. After learning more about its popularity in Japan, its athletic & anti-aging benefits, we knew we wanted to be one of the brands to help bring this product to the States and spread the word, which is how the idea for 1008 Hydrogen Water was born.”

In Japan, the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water is an open secret. It is known to improve and strengthen immunity, decrease inflammation, improve recovery after injury, improve skin tone and also slow down the aging process; people believe it makes them feel younger and live longer.

Unlike traditional bottled water, 1008 Hydrogen Water comes in a pouch. This pouch’s sleek and innovative design is necessary because diatomic hydrogen is the smallest molecule, which means it can escape through a conventional plastic or glass bottle. With a concave shape and convenient latch hole, the pouch is designed for easy-handling and use, yet it also ensures that no hydrogen gas ever escapes from the pouch when it is sealed.

What’s more, their manufacturing and packaging processes leave a minimal eco-footprint. Their packaging and manufacturing process are BPA-free and recyclable, which minimizes their impact on the planet while at the same time maximizes the health benefits for the customers.

1008 Hydrogen Water is natural and pure, and unlike many other popular brands, what sets it apart is that it has no additives or artificial stimulates. 1008 Hydrogen Water is enhanced using natural processes only and customers will very soon be able to purchase it on their website:, and experience the health benefits of 1008 Hydrogen Water for themselves.

When asked about the brand name, 1008 Hydrogen Water, co-owner Adriana Steverson commented: “The standard atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.008 and the angel number 1008 signals support and encouragement, asking you to only think positive thoughts regarding wealth, abundance, and prosperity".

About 1008 Hydrogen Water

1008 Hydrogen Water recently announced the launch of their very own hydrogen infused alkaline water brand. They have already established relationships with various gyms and grocery store chains in the U.S. 1008 Hydrogen Water is set to become one of the first market players to successfully bring their brand of hydrogen water to the U.S. and global bottled water markets by Spring 2021.

For customer enquiries, please contact:

Adriana Steverson & Brooke Duplechain
1008 Hydrogen Water
+1 832-534-0656

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