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Matthew Zifferblatt and Healthy1Inc Strive For Success with Wholesale Pricing During The Pandemic

Matthew Zifferblatt and Healthy1Inc Strive For Success with Wholesale Pricing During The PandemicPhoto by Amanda Jones

Originally Posted On: Matthew Zifferblatt and Healthy1Inc Strive For Success with Wholesale Pricing During The Pandemic – Healthy1 (

The health crisis-related disease and the government-mandated shutdowns hurt almost everyone. Even if you were still in business as an essential business, your supply chain was interrupted, you were faced with additional costs to sanitize and reorganize, and your customers were in a cash crunch. This is why many small businesses have gone out of business, and many more are left hanging on the edge.

Those who survive were either essential, pivoted to adapt to a lean-and-mean business model, or were in a strong position to begin with. Healthy1Inc is one of the businesses that was well-positioned to begin with and has emerged even stronger than before.

What is Healthy1Inc?

The company run by Matthew Zifferblatt, Healthy1Inc, is a family business based out of Orlando, Florida. While it has grown rapidly in the past few years due to the popularity of its custom made vegan health products, they remain family owned and operated. Their products have been advertised on Fox News, Telemundo, NBC and CBS. Healthy1Inc also sponsored the Police Gazette Hall of Fame. While this event was essentially sidelined in 2020, it is expected to come back in 2021.

Furthermore, Matthew Zifferblatt’s company is ready to sponsor other athletic and healthy living events. And unlike many of their competitors, they are ready and able to do so.

How Did Healthy1Inc Weather the Economic Crisis?

Healthy living products exploded in popularity during the health crisis. This resulted in skyrocketing demand for Healthy1Inc’s vitamins and mineral supplements. Because they’re based in the United States and have an American supply chain, they weren’t hurt by disruptions in international shipping.

Healthy1Inc chose to think long-term rather than making short-term decisions that could cost them in the future. For example, they started selling their products at wholesale prices to the public. Yes, this cut into their profit margin. However, it helps the company for the long-term in a variety of ways. It keeps Healthy1Inc’s suppliers in business, because the company is still buying and then distributing the product.

It allows Healthy1Inc’s customers to buy products at a discount despite the fact that many of them have had their incomes slashed. It makes the products affordable to many potential customers, something that could increase sales overall. By selling the products at wholesale prices, the company has set a price floor that ensures it doesn’t lose money. This is in sharp contrast to companies that had fire sales trying to liquidate inventory but ended up undermining their ability to sell products at anything close to historic retail rates again.

By selling products at wholesale rates and charging modest shipping and handling fees, Healthy1Inc kept their warehouse busy and its workers employed. This allowed the company to continue operations without having to furlough staff. And once you cut people, you kill morale. This wasn’t an option in a company that is proud to say you can survive and overcome any challenge in life.

What Is Going On at Healthy1Inc?

Business did slow down for the firm, but Healthy1Inc used that as an opportunity to pivot towards the future. The company took the time to research new supplements and product lines. They also adapted to their customers’ needs. For example, they’re offering more online nutritional coaching sessions to reach their customers who would otherwise be at the gym. The Healthy1Inc online platform has never been busier.

As we enter 2021, Healthy1Inc’s corporate health is excellent thanks to the pioneering vision of Matthew Zifferblatt, and the company remains dedicated to ensuring its customers remain healthy as well.

To learn more about Healthy1inc’s products or personal coaching, reach out below:

Company Contact Information:

Customer Service Number (Toll-Free) – 833-835-5564

Local Phone Number – 407-613-2823

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