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Raymond Chukwu's Book Advocates for African-American Advancement in STEM Fields

Blacks and Poverty

Blacks and Poverty

Raymond L. Chukwu Books

Raymond L. Chukwu Books

Raymond L. Chukwu

Raymond L. Chukwu

“Blacks and Poverty” provides roadmap to building Black excellence in science and technology and beat poverty

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 13, 2021 / -- The historical analysis of a successful aerospace engineer who was once a young black boy whose unlucky birth exposed him to the believe "No one is poor because of GOD, we are poor because we failed to demonstrate the burning desire to succeed". For most of the population, life circumstances are woven by fate. Everything in life is predetermined by God and there is nothing one can do in order to rise from the mires of an unlucky birth. But this has not always been this way, especially in the case of Raymond L. Chukwu who has been dealt the same cards in his own life.

Raymond Chukwu's book "Blacks and Poverty" Advocates for African-American Advancement in STEM Fields and offers a fresh perspective for all people in all walks of life pertaining how they view life and how they participate in today’s global race towards achievement and development.

In his book, Chukwu elaborates the sickening discrimination and inadequate access to quality education, technology, and health services suffered by Blacks. Yet, it does not seek to wallow in the tragedy but to shine light in the darkness. Chukwu intellectually communicates to the reader in a matter-of-fact and simultaneously inspiring tone on how “Blacks and Poverty” provides roadmap to building Black excellence in science and technology and beat poverty.

Chukwu, the founder and CEO of Black Technologies Advancement (BTA) is an Aerospace Engineer with demonstrated practical and captivating background and experience on exploring space-based technologies to accelerate a vision of a carbon-free future as a cornerstone to creating planet saving, climate change solutions, through the application of Space Based Solar Power Satellite system as the de-facto charging mechanism for Wireless Power Transfer via radio frequency beam for wirelessly charging electric vehicles while driving through the deployment of Wireless Power Sensor nodes and radio frequency beam that is based entirely on no commercially available, developmental, or experimental techniques evaluated to date, while exploring the benefits of science and technology to address the racial, social, political and economic problems confronting Black communities, particularly during this COVID - 19 Pandemic.

The book provides hard-hitting evidence to explain what causes this gap in African-Americans' access to technology, their poor health and inadequate treatment in the United States. Likewise, Chukwu expounds on the inequality facing black people around the world.

He posits that African-Americans' economic, social, racial and political injustice cannot be advanced until they are able to join the rest of the scientific and technological community in the development and utilization of science and technology related products.

Chukwu is also informed by his personal life. A native of Sonoma, California, spent much of his childhood in Nigeria following the death of his parents. He was raised by his grandmother who taught him that regardless of the tragedies he sustained in his life, the decision to change the dynamics will ultimately come from his individual determination such as strength, wisdom and uncommon diligence. However, the passing of his grandmother when he was 12 years old killed his momentum and his life took a downhill as he could no longer pay his school fees or feed himself properly.

People started to question how he would be able to function. He was mocked as they set out to dissuade him in any way they can. He proceeded with much optimism, and determined to fulfill his dream of becoming an Aerospace Engineer, he returned home to California and succeeded with:
• Stanford University/Lockheed Aerospace Advanced Eng. program
• Lockheed Aerospace Graduate Engineering Scholar
• Lockheed Sr. Aerodynamics Research Engineer
• University of Tennessee Space Institute - Advanced Astrodynamics Scholar
• BS Aerospace Engineering
• Republican Nominee for US Congress, District 15, CA ; 2004/2006
• A finalist competitor Candidate for US Ambassador to Nigeria
• Founder Scholarship Program for low-income college students in math and science

He states that African-Americans generally prefer to pursue careers in athletics or entertainment instead of seeking education in science and technology. Moreover, when they do achieve success in said fields they, Chukwu observes that they do not reinvest their money in organizations that support STEM in black communities. This was what inspired Chukwu to pen his book, as he sought to do something about what he saw as the African-American community's failure to embrace and benefit from the technological revolution and its potential to change the tide with its opportunities for economic stability. Therefore, according to Chukwu, it is a must for African-Americans to be identified with science and technology related undertakings given that every product in the marketplace is based upon some type of scientific and technological applications.

Chukwu methodically charts the challenges and provides solutions that can be implemented in various levels of the community. For example, his enterprise, Black Technologies Advancement, has a logical argument to address the issue by leveraging high-speed connectivity and administrative computing infrastructure to create a Black Economic Summit.

Here, African-American celebrities will work with scientists and engineers from the community to boost economic diversification. Likewise, this process can cultivate the prerequisite skills needed for African-Americans to delve into scientific and technological fields. "Through this process Blacks can create one of the best products in the marketplace to give Blacks a market share and technology base, which they very much lack at this moment in our history," Chukwu says. As a successful aerospace engineer and entrepreneur, he brings the wisdom, knowledge and experience to the table to make the advice in “Blacks and Poverty” informative, grounded in reality and practical or applicable in life.

About the Author
Raymond L. Chukwu is the founder and CEO of Black Technologies Advancement (BTA). He is also an Aerospace Engineer with particular emphasis on aerospace medicine. He has a practical and captivating background and experience on exploring space based technologies to accelerate a vision of a carbon-free future in conjunction with the creation of planet saving, climate change solutions through the adoption of Space Based Wireless Solar Internet as the De-Facto charging Mechanism for wirelessly charging electric vehicles while driving, and analyzing the benefits of science and technology to address the racial, social and economic problems confronting the Black communities. His authorship of Blacks and Poverty and Blacks and Technology books have earned him the recognition by the African Union (AU) and a long-standing relationships with leaders throughout West Africa including AGRARIA AFRICA PROJECT on accelerating the applications of Nanotechnology for molecular manipulations on sub Sahara African carbon compounds to generate Carbon nano tubes based properties with the following characteristics:
• Electro-conductivity materials & Mechanical and thermal properties
• Sensors & Electronics

These properties provide exceptional intelligence for system codification analysis into transformation rules that will synthesize new programs or modify existing programs on the application of digital image processing techniques to equip farmers with high-skills satellite knowledge to monitor crops progress with Commercial-off-the-shell desktops, workstations, and remote data transfer device technologies, using satellite acquired data in a statistical sampling analysis to evaluate the feasibility of computer-analyzed satellite data on improving crop cultivation process to eradicate hunger in Africa by improving its agricultural infrastructure.

Raymond L. Chukwu
Founder and CEO of Black Technologies Advancement (BTA)
+1 408-244-7852
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Blacks and Poverty by Raymond L. Chukwu

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