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7 Cool & Innovative Things or Gadgets That Simplify Dog Care

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7 cool & innovative things or gadgets that simplify dog care

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA, LITHUANIA, January 7, 2021 / -- Even though you might spend a lot of time walking with a dog in the park, having a dog is no walk in the park. There are some areas and some things that are still quite challenging and quite difficult to do. However, lucky for us, we live in the 21st century when news and information spreads fast. This allows inventors and entrepreneurs to create things that we all can use and benefit from. And thanks to that we have some cool and innovative things that help simplify dog care.

A collar with a tracker

Let’s begin with a concern for safety and happiness of your dog. Unfortunately, thousands of dogs get lost or accidentally run away from their homes every year. They could be found if they would be fitted with a collar that has a GPS tracker. You have those for sale at really low prices now and it’s an extremely important product that you should not just consider but buy right away. Within minutes, if your dog is lost, you can now an almost-precise location and whereabouts to go and rescue them.

An electric dog nail grinder with a rechargeable battery

Nail clippers are inferior to grinders. That’s because grinders allow for much safer and smoother grooming. Even the slightest mistake with clippers can result in pain and very unpleasant emotions. A grinder allows to work with precision and safety. We recommend looking for a rechargeable dog nail grinder here as replacing batteries can become tedious. You can click on the highlighted text to read an insightful guide on the best dog nail grinders of 2020. It should help you make an informed decision about the purchase.

Chewy toy / toothbrush

A regular toothbrush is a must-have. However, you might forget to brush their teeth or they might seem reluctant to allow you to. If so is the case or if you find that you just don’t have the time to do this job, throw them a chewy toy / toothbrush. By biting and chewing onto it, dogs really bite into cleverly place gaps which scrub the tooth and even clean the gaps between them. This is a simple, quick and efficient way to better dental health and to keep your pupper healthy and happy for a long time.

An automatic ball launcher

Throwing the ball over and over again can become tiring. But you don’t want to disappoint your pet, right? Well, luckily there’s a solution. You need to get an automatic ball launcher. Your dog needs to bring the ball into the device, drop it in and it is launched far away. We don’t recommend using it in small rooms as there could be some undesirable damage done. However, if you place it outdoors or in a huge room, your pup can keep him/herself occupied for hours.

A smart leash

Smart leashes are great for when you want to optimise your leisure time, spend more time with your dog, help them lose weight, recover after an injury or just monitor your activity. Smart leashes gather data about your physical activity and provides insightful tips on what you can do better.

A smart feeding system

Smart feeders have been popular with cat people for a while, but now it has also transitioned to dogs. A smart food dispensary will release a pre-established amount of food when you click a button on your smartphone. Otherwise, it can dispense food on a pre-arranged schedule and you don’t need to worry about being at work or being away. You can remotely control this device from afar. All most of these devices need is Wi-Fi connectivity. Some apps are even so advanced to as they can suggest feeding regimes.

Stress-reducing licking mats

Okay, now this one may seem completely out of the ordinary. And yes, it is unlike anything else. But for some reason pups seem to relieve stress when they’re licking something. This is why Pet food mats are so effective at what they do. These mats have a unique surface that’s covered in trails of delicious snacks like jerky or soft food. Your dog will have to lick it up to enjoy that awesome taste. In the meantime, he or she can relax and remain occupied. This is also a smart alternative for when you’re trying to make them lose weight.

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