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Dr. Yosef Alhasany will be releasing his new book

The medical doctor will be publishing his first ever book.

LONDON, UK, January 5, 2021 / -- Certified Cognitive Behavioural therapist Dr. Yosef Alhasany ( Dr. Yousef Khaled Fuad Hasan ) is planning on releasing his first ever book called Your psychological subconsciousness complexes: Are your maternal prison?The realistic Psychoanalytic Approach in Relationships, Childhood & Sexuality in the Arab Worlds.

The book is based on 15 real cases with patients that he has treated, and shows an in depth psychoanalysis that focuses on certain topics. Readers will be able to get a great insight on topics based on: gender stereotypes, toxic masculinity, the struggle that Arab women have in a patriarchal society, external sources of self esteem, traditional marriage, narcissistic relationships, emotional attachments, modern relationships, emotional manipulation, submission complex, people pleasers, nice people syndrome and sexuality as well as sexual molestation.

“I stand for humanity and love. I stand for being an original. I stand for reconstructing people’s view on reality. I stand for raising the collective consciousness.” Dr.Yosef Alhasany stated.

It is actually more common for women to develop disorders such as depression, anxiety and OCD in comparison to men. However, most countries that are undeveloped or have traditional values do not exercise every form of therapy, which has become an increasing problem for people who suffer. According to WHO, 85% of people with depression that have low to middle income countries receive no healthcare treatment.

Severe depression can also lead to suicide, which is why it’s at most important for people to seek psychological or pharmaceutical help. Dr. Yosef Alhasany is known for his unique style of therapy, which is the psychoanalytic realistic medical approach. In the book, there is a record of the patients undergoing this approach, where he has analyzed what happened in their childhood and the issues, as well as psychological complexes and emotional suppression.

“Each patient undergoes an emotional dissection where we see how they’ve painted a fake image of themselves and how the mind works. It’s a long and raw form of therapy that helps the patients become aware of those issues as we talk them through.” He stated.

In 2018, the Liverpool Health Inequalities Research carried out a study where they examined a reading group who were depressed for 12 months, in order to see if reading can actually help improve a person’s mental health well-being. As a result, it showed that there was an improvement in concentration, self-awareness and the comfortability for people to openly express themselves.

There is actually a positive correlation between reading and improving a person’s mental health well-being, especially when it comes to reading important topical issues that people can relate to.

“I have dealt with my own battles of depression, anxiety and OCD and I am able to relate to people through experience and through understanding a different concept of reality and how to heal. I believe that people will be able to learn how to tackle important issues with this book.” the accredited relationship coach announced.

The book is targeted at an audience that faces oppression and is in a form of enslavement to the system and traditions that have refused to be modernized. On top of that, it is also aimed at people who have suffered in the past and have carried their emotional baggage into their present moments in life.

The book is due to be published in the new year ahead and there isn’t a certain date as to when it’ll be available to buy.

Dr.Yosef Alhasany graduated from medical school as a top student, but was motivated to follow a different approach that only promoted originality rather than a form of perfectionism. After seeking professional advice from his mentors, he had discovered that the true foundation to healing is psychoanalysis. However, there was a point in his past where he believed that there wasn’t any true therapy to healing in the world.

The certified psychoanalyst has close to 1 million followers on instagram and posts regularly, where he inspires and motivates people to truly discover the roots of self care for themselves. He also runs online programs where he helps people through their relationship, psychological and medical issues. The medical doctor has also carried out over 20 seminars in countries and cities such as Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

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