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Coinomize is the one-stop solution for safe bitcoin mixing that offers full anonymity

By: Issuewire

New York, Dec 29, 2020 ( - As a digital currency, Bitcoin offers anonymity that cannot be provided by a centralized banking system in any country. Bitcoin has gained enormous popularity in a very short time and has experienced widespread distribution around the globe. The theory of absolute anonymity has recently been debunked. It turns out that all transactions made with Bitcoins are stored in a public blockchain. The information can be viewed by anyone who wants to track it. To maintain total anonymity, users can hire a third party online bitcoin mixer that separates all the connections of the transaction from the original source. Coinomize is one of the best bitcoin mixing services in the world that protects the privacy of its customers by maintaining proper anonymity. The service is cheaper than any other website on the current market.

Whenever a transaction is made with Bitcoins, it is visible in the blockchain. It can be used to track the origin of the bitcoin. This is considered a violation of Bitcoin users' financial privacy. In this situation, a Bitcoin blender comes into play. Coinomize works very efficiently by blending its clients' BTCs as soon as the transaction is made. It disconnects the link of the transaction so that it is impossible for anyone to trace it back to the original source. Coinomize does not store any logs of the transaction or any kind of data of the users after using the service. Customers can either delete the data themselves or it will be deleted automatically after shuffling. The company provides the most accurate service in maintaining the anonymity of the users.

Some countries have declared Bitcoin for illegal. For this reason, maintaining anonymity is extremely important for users. To avoid tracking by government authorities, most bitcoin users use so-called bitcoin tumblers from professional mixing services like Coinomize is one. Through a bitcoin laundry, users can mix payments with payments from other bitcoin users and then receive untraceable clean bitcoin back. The coins are in no way associated with the original BTC. Coinomize adds additional protection to the transaction by disguising the identity of its users. After the coins are mixed and cleaned, they are sent to their specified withdrawal address. This provides customers with a secure and easy solution for anonymous cryptocurrency transactions.

Thus, the identity of the users cannot be traced. Otherwise, any address can quite easily lead to the person behind the transactions, this is prevented by a bitcoin mixer.

Coinomize offers unique security in case of data breaches by authorities in bitcoin transactions. They use the most advanced technology for their bitcoin mixing process and provide flawless results every time. With just 3 simple steps, anyone can hide their identity and transaction log on the blockchain. Coinomize is available on both computers and cell phones. Their mobile app helps users to mix their BTCs anytime, anywhere with 100% accuracy. Their Android app is already available on their website.


Are Bitcoin mixers illegal?

Bitcoin mixers, or tumblers, have been around for a few years now. The way they work is that you send Bitcoin to a service and the service mixes your Bitcoin with other Bitcoins, so it ends up being difficult to know the source of the funds - even if the transactions are visible on the blockchain. 

These are legally used by Bitcoin owners to mix their transactions with those of other users, providing a level of on-chain privacy that Bitcoin does not offer by default. Mixers can also be used by criminals for the same purpose. However, a Bitcoin mixing service is completely legal, as there are no laws against it in any country.

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