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An Overview Of the Philosophical Side of Manuel Alejandro Nunez Chourio

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An Overview Of the Philosophical Side of Manuel Alejandro Nunez Chourio@manuelconecta

Manuel Alejandro Núñez Chourio, the person known for his amazing philanthropy works, is using his social networks to spread the word about the need to help those who are less privileged. He is uploading videos of his charity acts to encourage and inspire others to emulate his noble actions.

“If there are so many challenges in social networks on all kinds of topics such as sports, dances and entertainment, why not start creating initiatives which sincerely contribute something positive to the society,” asks Manuel in a very logical tone. “I have launched many challenges aimed at not only helping the people on the streets but also at encouraging others to do the same. If we all contribute to this cause in our own small way, we can collectively put smiles on the faces of these people.”

The 22-year old Manuel was born in Maracaibo and is a student of Business Administration in marketing. His passion in the subject is as deep as his desire to help those people who need a supporting hand the most. His project named #Manuel Conecta was launched in February 2020 with the aim of creating and launching initiatives that can help improve the lives of those who are in the lowest financial strata of the society.

The first challenge launched by Manuel was called #UnDiaDifrente and aimed at finding persons with limited resources and spending a day with them. Manuel helped one such person daily by taking care of their food and hygiene needs, arranging for a haircut and clean clothes, providing food and communicating with them to make them feel special and loved.

Manuel launched the second challenge called #ElTiempoDeDiosEsPerfecto. In this project, he makes surprise visit with a suitcase full of goodies to homes of the needy and tells them that they have been chosen to receive a special shipment from God. The suitcase is filled with food items in large quantities that can take care of the needs of the family for many weeks.

Manuel has named his third challenge ‘God Does Not Abandon’. He walks through the streets of Maracaibo, picking people to receive an economic contribution, hoping that the money will help improve their financial situation.

#100Bendiciones is the fourth challenge by Manuel in which he delivers 100 portions of food items such as burgers, pizzas, arepas, and other similar things to people on the streets of Maracaibo. He has helped satiate the hunger of hundreds of such unfortunate people to date.

The message Manuel delivers through his social networks is clear. He wants to inspire and motivate more people around the world to repeat these kinds of actions in their locality. He also gives away many other useful things such as mattresses, wheelchairs, small appliances and others that will help people live a more comfortable life.

Manuel has created a global community of such contributors in a short span of six months. Motivated by his actions, many people from countries like the United States, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and Peru are also helping the poor and the needy in their areas.

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Manuel Alejandro Núñez Chourio is a social media influencer with a difference. He has launched Project Manuel Connecta, an initiative aimed at helping the lesser privileged people of the society by providing them support in various ways. The 22-year-old international celebrity was born in Maracaibo and is a student of Business Administration in Marketing. He is using his marketing knowledge to spread the word about his philanthropic activities far and wide.

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