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10 Pool Safety Tips for Florida Swimming Pool Owners

10 Pool Safety Tips for Florida Swimming Pool OwnersPhoto by Jesse Gardner

Originally Posted On: 10 Pool Safety Tips for Florida Swimming Pool Owners – Floridian Pools


It’s hard to picture a home in Florida without a swimming pool in the backyard. Not only do they provide fun to families across the state, they certainly help beat the Florida heat! However, swimming pool accidents are an unfortunate part of pool ownership and many of the injuries that occur each year can be prevented with proper pool precautions in place.

The following ten safety tips will give you the information necessary to enjoy the water without worry and keep everyone in your family safe.

1. Install a Barrier Around the Pool

Kids are curious by nature and always ready to find out what they do not know. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens the hard way. Most accidents are minor but when they occur near a swimming pool, the result can be deadly. The best way to prevent accidents and injuries is with a swimming pool barrier in place around the pool.

For example, a four-foot-tall lockable fence would ensure that kids do not sneak into the pool area unattended. They are available in many styles and colors, both enhancing any home and providing swimming pool owners with extra peace of mind and protection against tragic accidents.

2. Never Leave Kids Unattended

We never think an accident will happen, especially if we run to grab the phone or turn off the oven, but sadly, it’s often during those split seconds that swimming pool accidents occur. Never, under any circumstances, leave a child unattended in or near the water.

An accident can occur within seconds. Closely monitor kids of all ages, even those who are good swimmers, but younger kids even more. Make sure kids adhere to safety rules and ensure that floats, a grabbing hook, and other important life-saving devices are within reach at the swimming pool. These items can save a life in the event of an accident.

3. Pool Safety Devices

Keep everyone swimming safe by adding one or more pool safety devices to your Florida swimming pool. Pool mats, ladders, non-slip deck pads, and pool steps all help prevent accidents and injuries in the pool.

4. Establish Pool Rules

Set safety rules for the swimming pool such as no running and no pushing. These two acts cause a lot of injuries every year. Make sure everyone knows the rules before getting into the pool. Implement consequences for anyone that does not adhere to the rules. Not abiding by the rules puts everyone at risk.

5. Mark Water Depths

Mark water depths on your Florida swimming pool. When the pool is marked, the risk of accidental drowning significantly declines. When everyone is made aware of the water depth, they can avoid areas they’re not comfortable with.

6. Pool Drain Safety

Pool drains are not as dangerous as the pool and water itself but have still caused around 150 injuries and deaths over the past 30 years. Children are especially vulnerable to drain suction entrapment, although it can also occur to adults.

The best way to avoid a dangerous pool drain accident is to ensure kids do not play around or near them. Also be aware that bathing suits, jewelry, and other items can become entangled in the pool drain and cause accidents.

7. Swimming Skills

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children under four years of age in the U.S. Teaching children how to swim is the best way to reduce the risk of a drowning accident. Never allow kids in the pool if they’re not proficient swimmers without help from an adult.

Look into the swimming classes available in your local area. Make sure your children learn how to swim at an early age. This can prevent so many water-related accidents.

8. Electric and Water Do Not Mix

It’s no secret that electricity and water do not mix. While many people enjoy listening to music poolside or use other electronic items during their water fun, we recommend choosing wireless products. If using corded radios or electronics, keep the items far away from water.

9. Learn CPR

Are you CPR certified? CPR can save a life. Everyone can and should learn how to perform CPR. Look around town for CPR classes. You’ll find a variety of free and low-cost CPR classes available. This skill may very well save someone’s life in the future.

10. Maintain Your Florida Swimming Pool

A healthy swimming pool is a key to a healthy, enjoyable experience in the water for everyone. Swimming pools breed harmful bacteria, germs, and parasites that may cause rashes, red eyes, earaches, and infections. Florida swimming pool owners can significantly reduce the risk of these concerns and other health problems by testing the water regularly. Always test the pH balance of the water, as well as for dangerous germs and bacteria.

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