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Which Gravity Conveyor is Right for You?

Which Gravity Conveyor is Right for You?Photo From Denby Direct Distributors

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Productivity rests heavily on efficiency. If you want to have a productive business, you need efficient product moving solutions. Moving products from one station to the next can become laborious and time-consuming.

The most productive companies realize that when you have to move packages from one spot to another, you need a gravity conveyor. It is the perfect solution for getting a package from point A to point B in your facility while using minimal manpower.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about GC solution including the best models and the advantages of using a gravity conveyor.

What Are Gravity Conveyors? 

Gravity conveyors are conveyors that use a series of rollers or skate wheels along with gravity to move materials from one area to the next easily. Unlike powered conveyors, gravity conveyors are sloped to use gravity as the moving force. Products flow freely from one end of the conveyor to the next without the need for any electrical or hydraulic power.

Companies use gravity conveyors to move pavers, concrete blocks, cartons, boxes, and anything that have firm bottoms. The conveyors consist of rollers or skate wheels spaced evenly apart.

The spacing of the rollers varies on your application. Generally speaking, you want at least three rollers under the package at all times.

Advantages of a Gravity Conveyor

Because they are economical and versatile, gravity conveyors are one of the most common forms of conveyors in the world. You will find them all over the globe. You do not need electricity to power them, which means companies can use them in just about anywhere and in any environment.

Companies use gravity conveyors for the following applications:

  • Loading and unloading trucks
  • Transporting products
  • Moving products in assembly or kitting areas
  • Mounting materials to scales, carts, and other industrial machinery
  • Unloading and loading manufacturing equipment

In short, gravity conveyors make all parts of a manufacturing job easier. Gravity conveyor manufacturers design a gravity conveyor slope calculation that makes your package keep moving at the perfect pace for assembly.

The Best Gravity Conveyor Models

The best GC models come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials. Aluminum or steel, straight or curved, various lengths and gauges determine the differences from one gravity conveyor to the next. There is a variety of custom options, or a one size fits all QuickShip, either way Denby along with OMNI manufacture the best conveyors in the business.

Omni QuickShip Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor RSHS

OMNI QuickShip steel gravity rollers usually ship in 1 to 2 days and come in five different width options ranging from 12 to 30 inches. The roller spacing varies 1.5″ to 12″ from center to center and general length options of 5 or 10 feet long.

This QuickShip style of gravity roller uses 1 3/8-inch diameter rollers, making it ideal for carrying lightweight materials. In addition to having a lightweight roller, which means it can be moved easily. This conveyor section is straight and can attach directly with a curved steel section, giving you more flexibility with your GC conveyor line.

The galvanized coating makes it rust-resistant. Thus, you can use it in damp environments or with wet products and not worry about it breaking down.

The frame is constructed with 12-gauge galvanized steel or 1/8-inch aluminum with dimensions of 2 1/2 inches x 1-inch flange. It has bolt-in cross members spaced on 2-foot centers.

You can get this roller in 5 different widths: 12 inches, 15 inches, 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches. The couplings are all bolted to the frame with hooks on one end and rods on the opposite end.

These can be purchased as 5-foot or 10-foot straight sections.

The rollers are 1 3/8 inches in diameter x 18-inch gauge galvanized steel or aluminum tubing with oiled ball bearings at both ends.

The axles are 1/4 inch-diameter spring retained axles and come in eight different spacings depending on what you need. They start at 1 1/2-inch centers and up to 12-inch center to center.

Omni QuickShip Aluminum Gravity Roller Conveyor RAHS

The Omni QuickShip aluminum conveyors have the same specs as the steel conveyors with one difference, material. The conveyor is made of aluminum rather than steel.

Like its steel counterpart, this aluminum gravity conveyor is perfect for carrying lightweight loads. Gravity conveyor work well in operations where you need lightweight movable sections.

It also works well with curves, creating a flexible assembly line. The rollers have a galvanized coating making them rust resistant and a great option when you are working in a damp environment or with wet products.

The QuickShip Aluminum GC roller comes with aluminum channels that are 2 1/2 inches deep x 1-inch x 1/8 inch. The bolt-in cross members are spaced 2 on 2-foot centers.

You can get the QuickShip Aluminum GC’s in 5 different widths from 12 inches up to 30 inches. The couplings, which are all bolted to the frame, have hooks on one end and a rod on the opposite end. This aluminum roller comes in 5-foot and 10-foot straight sections.

The conveyor is made of aluminum, but you still have the option of either aluminum tubes, galvanized steel rollers or 1 3/8- inches x 18 gauge.

The axles are 1/4-inch diameter spring-retained axles spaced at a minimal of 1 1/2-inch center to center and up to 12-inch center.

OMNI QuickShip Steel Gravity Roller Conveyor GPHS 1.9×16

If you are looking for permanent installations, the Omni QuickShip Steel GC Roller GPHS 1.9 x16 is your best bet. This QuickShip Steel Gravity works well with light to medium-weight packages. Like the other rollers, it also functions well with curves and gives you a flexible conveyor line.

The 1.9-inch diameter rollers can handle heavier packages better than the lighter GC rollers.

This machine comes standard with a 3 1/2-inch deep x 1 1/2-inch flange x 10-gauge frame. It has a galvanized steel channel with bolt-in cross members.

The between frame widths vary from 14 inches between frames to 38 inches. The end couplers are bolt-on types so you can bolt your sections together.

Just like the other Omni rollers, this more permanent GC roller comes in both 5-foot and 10-foot straight sections. It has 1.9-inch diameter x 16-gauge galvanized steel tubing and grease-packed ball bearings at both ends.

The axles are 7/16-inch spring retained hex axles spaced 2 to 12-inches on their centers.

Curved Conveyors

Similar to the straight conveyors, Denby designs curved conveyors as well. You can purchase either steel or aluminum with a width of 12 to 30 inches.

The curved conveyors have the same dimension options with the same high quality as the straight belts. The roller spacing varies from 1.5 inches to 3 inches center to center. You also have the option of purchasing a curve degree of either 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

Additionally, we offer custom and heavy-duty gravity conveyors that are manufactured to order if that is what your application calls for. Please see Custom Gravity Conveyors to customize a conveyor for your facility.

Move Smooth with Gravity Conveyors

A GC conveyor will have you moving your packages smoothly from one end of your business to another. Once you have a gravity conveyor, you will wonder what life was like before it.

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