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What Is a Rivnut Tool?

What Is a Rivnut Tool?Photo From Denby Direct Distributors

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No matter what project you’re working on, you need a variety of tools to help you get the job done right.

A Rivnut tool is a crucial part of any toolbox, and it offers a wide array of benefits that will make your life and your next project easier.

Read on to learn more about this important tool, what it does, and why it can help you accomplish your goals.

What is a Rivnut Tool?

A Rivnut tool uses rivnut fasteners, which are tubular-shaped rivets that feature internal threads. With these fasteners and the right tool, you can install them in seconds without the need for additional finishing work.

Thanks to the clean threads of rivnuts, a rivnut installation tool can also be used with a variety of screw attachments. The tool works by using a pull-up stud to engage the threads of the rivnut fastener by exerting a strong pull. This causes the shank to tightly expand against the material that’s being fastened.

You can use these tools for a variety of projects including automotive repair, appliances, the fabrication of metal, food equipment, machinery, and more. They’re even used in the aerospace and defense industries thanks to the tool’s quick and efficient operation.

A rivnut fastener features a nut plate and does not require finishing, which makes them especially effective for assembly and production lines. You can find these fasteners in a variety of sizes, types, and materials to suit your specific needs.

Rivnets, or rivet nuts, are much more versatile than self-tapping screws and can be made from brass, steel, stainless steel, or other types of materials. They’re not affected by heat which makes them ideal for applications like wood or planting when you cannot use conventional welding.

A pneumatic rivnut tool shortens installation time and makes the process of installing rivnuts easier. While the handheld version of the tool is great for some applications, the pneumatic option is more powerful and faster to accommodate larger jobs or more industrial-geared projects.

How to Use the Tool

There are different types of rivnut tools including a spin-pull style, a pull-to-pressure style, and a spin-spin style. Each one utilizes a different method to install and attach rivnuts to various materials.

A pneumatic rivnut tool is easy to use and highly efficient. The nut is threaded onto a mandrel and then fitted into the workpiece. Pneumatic power spins the mandel and pulls the threaded position of the shank to form a bulge around the unthreaded part of the rivet nut.

Once the rivnut is in place, the mandrel begins to spin in the opposite direction. This directional spin secures the rivnet and keeps it in place, and the installation is now complete.

Other versions of the tool require the user to apply pressure manually. Manual tools are most often used if you are working with hard plastics or certain types of metal.

A powerful pneumatic rivnut tool is faster, more efficient, and easier to use than most other options. It includes multiple nose sizes so it will fit the specific mandrel you plan to use.

If you work in a shop or one location, the power rivnut tool is ideal. Battery-operated or manual tools may be a better choice if you’re on the go, or if you’re just working on casual and less labor-intensive projects.

Those who use rivnuts every day should consider the pneumatic rivnut tool. Its heavy-duty design and pneumatic power will help you accomplish any task more quickly and efficiently.

Why You Should Buy From Denby

Denby Distributors offers the Taylor Rivnut Tool to meet your needs. This durable tool features an ergonomic pistol grip that makes it easy to handle, even during intense or long-term projects.

The Taylor model T-7767RNA350 can be used with a variety of sizes and features a powerful 1/2 HP motor. The double reduction hearing ensures incredible, consistent power.

A convenient forward and reverse trigger makes this tool easy to use when you need to make one-hand directional changes. It also includes a teasing throttle to give you the precise control you need.

If you need to change rivnuts to a different size, the Taylor Rivnut Tool includes a quick change head for ease of operation. This tool includes one head in your choice of size, and additional heads are sold separately. It offers a maximum air pressure of 90 PSI, and an RPM of 350 or 600.

Weighing in at just a little over two pounds, the Taylor Rivnut Tool is lightweight and easy to work with. However, it doesn’t skimp on power which makes it an effective and efficient tool for a wide variety of applications.

At Denby, our family-owned and operated business features a vast online wholesale warehouse. This online store streamlines the ordering process to ensure you get the tools and accessories you need fast.

We carry thousands of products geared toward a variety of industries including concrete block, paver, pipe, mining, and construction. Denby carries a wide selection of some of the world’s leading tool and equipment manufacturers so you know you’re getting products you can trust.

The Right Tools Makes it Easy

For projects large or small, a rivnut tool will assist you with all of your fastening needs. This convenient tool is easy to use, versatile, and powerful enough to handle any task that comes your way.

To shop our catalog or to learn more about our selection of tools and other products, visit our website or contact us today.

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