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Griddly Games Readies Help for Home (school)

Griddly Games' finds its as a resource for its kits and games for assistance in remote learning, hybrid or homeschool settings. The latest products are helping parents and teachers, who are on the hunt for at-home projects and games that kids can use to learn, AND enjoy.

(PRUnderground) August 28th, 2020

It wasn’t the company’s full intention during the development of children’s products over the last decade, but Griddly Games is oddly well-prepared with a line of kits and games that can help with remote learning and homeschooling.

“Who knew conditions like this would happen? But we’ve found that we can be a resource to help parents and teachers,” Reisa Schwartzman, President of Griddly Games, explained. “While our goal has always been for every kid to discover that learning can be as enjoyable as play, we didn’t realize that we could assist in an edu-tainment in such a major way. Our products are designed to get kids excited about discovering something new, by transforming playtime into an unforgettable, fun learning experience of exploration.”

One key component from Griddly’s product line is that each and every product is a self-sufficient, fully-equipped activity.  While the Just Add kits do need the “added” ingredient, Milk, Egg, Sugar, Baking Soda, Fruits & Veggies, Glue or Sun, or easy household items, all of the other necessary tools and materials are included. Each kit offers 8-20 different experiments that are easily set-up, conducted and cleaned up by a responsible, age-appropriate user. “Parents can be assured that a child of the recommended age, can handle these projects with little supervision,” Schwartzman said.

The Griddly Games kits provide many different activities and lessons about:

    •  chemical reactions
    •  osmosis
    •  germination
    •  electricity
    •  alkaline
    •  freezing and melting points
    •  polymers
    •  reflections & heat transfer
    •  surface tension
    •  weakening molecular bonds
    •  states of matter
    •  pressure difference
    •  membranes
    •  density
    •  light absorption

The Griddly Games’ games and kits help with:

  •  language development
  •  math skills
  •  verbal communication
  •  creative thinking
  •  critical thinking
  •  strategical thinking
  •  hand-eye cordination
  •  problem solving
  •  sensory activity
  •  science
  •  memory
  •  logic


  • Just Add Fruits & Veggies ($22.95 for ages 8+)– Science lessons: Osmosis, Germination, Chemical reactions, study of electricity.
  • Just Add Baking Soda ($25.95 for ages 8+) – Science lessons: chemical reactions, alkaline, states of matter
  • Just Add Egg ($24.95 for ages 5 and up) – Science lessons: chemical reactions, experiments with pressure difference, study of membranes
  • Just Add Sugar ($24.95 for ages 8 and up) – Science lessons: density of solutions, chemical reactions
  • Just Add Sun ($29.00 for ages 8 and up) – Science lessons: freezing and melting points, light absorption, reflection and heat transfer
  • Just Add Glue ($24.95 for ages 8 and up) – Science lesson: science of polymers, chemical reactions, states of matter
  • Just Add Milk ($15.95 for ages 5 and up) – Science lessons: surface tension, weakening molecular bonds, density of liquids
  • Rocket Lander ($28 for ages 10+) – Skills Developed: understanding three-dimensional mathematics, critical thinking, 3d graphing, logic, mathematics skills.
  • Wise Alec ($29 for ages 8+)– Skills Developed: logic, mathematics, memory, hand-eye coordination, spelling.
  • Wise Alec Junior ($17 for ages 4+)– Skills Developed: creative thinking, memory, knowledge, hand-eye coordination, mathematics, team building, sight reading words.
  • 5 Stones ($10.50 for ages 6+) – Skills Developed: hand-eye coordination
  • Oversight ($28 for ages 7+) – Skills Developed: logic, critical thinking, hand-eye coordination, concentration, focus
  • Rainbows & Storms ($21 for ages 5+) – Skills Developed: teamwork, communication, mathematics, creative thinking, hand-eye coordination
  • Chronicles of the Mind ($14 for ages 10+) – Skills Developed: memory, communication, creative thinking
  • Words of the Wise ($14 for ages 10+) – Skills Developed: memory, team building
  • Show me the Kwan ($21 for ages 10+)– Skills Developed: Logic, memory, spelling, hand-eye coordination.

For more information about Griddly Games and homeschooling, visit a full blog post.for additional insight and details.

About Griddly Games, Inc.

About Griddly Games: We are the creators, manufacturers and marketers of original games and activity kits that are designed for the entire \”grid\” of people. Our mission is to inspire creativity, imagination, out-of-the-box learning, healthy living and lively interaction through the fun of games and activities. Our multi-award-winning line of STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math) activity kits and STEM games continues to \”Just Add\” more and more new \”ingredients\” that cultivate natural curiosities and memorable experiences. All of our products inspire and engage people in a lifetime of play and learning about themselves and their limitless capabilities. The company, based in Richmond, near Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mother of three boys, who took it upon herself to deliver wholesome family fun that multiple ages could enjoy at once. Griddly Games’ instills a strict company philosophy to encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (from across the grid) can enjoy. To discover more about Griddly Games and shop for products, visit

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