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Why are Sports Fans so Fascinated by Underdogs?

Underdogs are common in most sporting events. They include players and teams which have a slim chance to win a particular game.

LONDON, UK, July 17, 2019 / -- Underdogs are common in most sporting events. They include players and teams which have a slim chance to win a particular game. Some underdogs gradually rise to be strong opponents. However, some of them don't improve their standings in local leagues. Many Betway punters research on competing teams before placing bets. In this post, we explore why underdogs fascinate many sports fans.

The Underdog Mentality
Several psychology specialists have performed extensive research in the past on why underdogs fascinate fans. They found that the fascination is usually pervasive. For instance, a fan can support different teams based on their current form or performance. Many people support players and teams which are always underdogs in most of their competitions. They easily change their allegiance if a strong team successively lose several games in a row hence facing elimination. The mentality is common among basketball and soccer fans.

Naday Goldschmied, a renowned UC San Diego scientist discovered that many people love supporting underdogs as a way of expressing schadenfreude. At times, it feels great when other people face a misfortune. Some fans dislike teams which win consistently each year. Therefore, they root for underdogs.
Naday's theory is quite confusing. During his experiments, he discovered that some fans reduced their support for underdogs if they would eliminate a favored opponent during playoffs if they won a certain game. It shows that the participants were keener on the unexpected triumph than misfortune.
The San Diego scientist conducted another experiment during which, he informed participants that the favored team spends more money on its payroll. Most of them supported the underdog with a small payroll. It proved that schadenfreude is a leading reason why most fans support underdogs.

Quest for Justice
Global fairness is a major concern for Betway punters. Some established teams can bribe sport events' organizers to win titles and trophies. However, it is important to hold fair competitions to give each participant an opportunity to compete. Joseph Vandello collaborated with Naday Goldschmied in a study which comprised a hypothetical matchup of two teams. One team had a high winning probability while the other had a low probability.
The two researchers informed the participants that the team with a slim chance to win the game had a high expenditure. Some people switched their allegiance to the team that was likely to win.

The Joy of Unexpected Triumphs
Research shows that human beings enjoy witnessing or experiencing unexpected success. Also, we tend to get hurt more from unprecedented failures and loses. This is why some people fervently support underdogs. You gain more when your underdog team wins unexpectedly. It is a nice approach which punters can use while betting. However, further research is necessary to explain this theory.
Sporting events such as the Dubai World Cup, the UEFA Champions League, and Europa League are highly competitive. They feature strong teams, players and underdogs. Most underdogs struggle to defeat strong opponents. Gamblers can wager on a weak team in Betway. Most times, underdogs have the highest odds compared to higher-ranked competitors.

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