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France NOPAPERPOST expands their revolutionary all-in-one solution to the Kingdom of Bahrain

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Washington – 27th May, 2019 – NOPAPERPOST introduces its path breaking all-in-1 solution (electronic registered mail, online contract signature, electronic file depository and large file transfer) to Bahrain amid great response. 

Following the innovation technology patterns and European initiatives; France and its adoring city Paris gives off an impression of being a hatchery for energizing an energetic thoughts since the French government boosted incentives, taxes return and promotions across the Tech world such as Station F or more recently last week the Vivatech conference, the world rendezvous of starts up and tech leaders..

In the heart of the upscale 16th arrondissement of Paris at the headquarters of NOPAPERPOST a promising French nugget boosting international expansion a meeting was arranged with the founders, the Belcolore’s, with the idea to get deeper into their jingle: 

You send… We prove!

Revealing the tale of NOPAPERPOST

Vincent Belcolore, an iconic lawyer in Paris and one of the Founders, had developed the first electronic registered mail company called EMS-THYBRIS over ten years prior, in partnership with PROLOGUE SOFTWARE, a former subsidiary of BULL-ATOS TECHNOLOGIES. It met the professional needs identified in the interest of the company’s customers at that time; but the market was not developed and it was decided to suspend development exercises, while it was continuing reflection on the evolution of the service. 

This is how the management has rejuvenated the concept and put together a first-rate team to manufacture No Paper Post, a brand-new software, and extend its services to everything that companies, lawyers and businessmen need and that their ordinary messaging cannot provide: electronic registered mail, online contract signature, electronic document depository and large file transfer. It was the goal to be a trusted third party.

The company made the slogan: You Send, We Prove! It went online in June 2018 First time. Smooth running is very satisfactory and have settled on a freemium plan of action: a free fundamental offer and an excellent idea with more highlights (stockpiling and tasks), or more all the capacity to download in PDF our unalterable authentication.”

Louis Belcolore, co-founder and Sales Director of NoPaperPostReuters France 2019

Complete our APIs for key account customers, and above all, this year, NOPAPERPOST will secure its certificates of deposit, sending, receipt and signature through blockchain

Signature Through Blockchain

Clients are mainly legal experts, insurance brokerage companies and the real estate sector in the broadest sense while NOPAPERPOST has not yet propelled the advertising of its system until its advancement for the execution of a Blockchain based is operational. Its service, therefore, met its customer’s needs, without any large-scale commercial effort, essentially by word of mouth. It would like to focus on the B2B/B2C Mass Market and also on Key Accounts (large companies and/or calls for tenders, for which it will make customized offers).

While there are competitors for NOPAPERPOST in the market, some offers electronic contract signature, others large file transfer and others registered e-mail, but in any case, none of them combines the four administrations in the freemium mode with blockchain. It is believed that the services provided by NOPAPERPOST are superior to those of the competition, for instance, in the field of electronic enlisted mail. 

NOPAPERPOST was amongst the firsts to design such a service in 2007 and therefore have unparalleled expertise in this field. With respect to file transfer, files are permanently stored and it offers the sender the proof of receipt and content. No one does that and in addition, all these are in free!

The Proof-of-Work or PoW is the original consensus algorithm in a Blockchain network. In Blockchain, this algorithm is used to confirm transactions and produce new blocks to the chain. So getting advantages of the actual blast of the blockchain, No Paper Post offers to industry, business, individuals, unique full secure services to the public and private sector enhancing confidentiality and the full proof of delivering documents, mails, couriers and with legal court recognition. 

NOPAPERPOST business is by nature committed to international development. It is the first company to offer these four services that the market needs and that is self-evident. It is decided to deploy simultaneously not only in Europe but also in the world.

At present, NOPAPERPOST holds two specialized technical centers, one in France for the European Union and the other one now in Bahrain for the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) zone. The organization has plans to set up focuses on Asian nations too.

In addition, the move to Bahrain emerged because of an exceptional quality of welcoming and listening coupled with easy one-stop-shop counter to set up entities locally.

As of late, the Kingdom of Bahrain has made unprecedented technological development efforts and established bold and highly effective public and private investment funds with a will to be the regional and worldwide “champion” of Fintech, Blockchain and Technologies – attracting world class operators such as Amazon Web Services who recently selected the Kingdom as a local hub.

No Paper Post touched based with EDB (Economic Development Board) last year which has greatly facilitated the establishment and registration of the new Bahrain structure as well as TAMKEEN, the SME’s support sovereign fund and other leading private venture capital. The GCC showcase represents a number of users comparable to France volume.

The company ventured in the Kingdom of Bahrain with Alexandre Katrangi an historical partner of Fortune 500 companies and France’s leading companies in the Middle East region.

It ought to be noticed that the GCC, particularly Bahrain, is a genuine Hub in Fintech and Blockchain. As a “lawful tech organization”, it is the perfect spot to set up with the best framework and profoundly qualified faculty to have the option to achieve the locale.

Last summer the Kingdom of Bahrain enacted the Model Law on Electronic Transferable Records (MLETR), created by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

Following a benchmark on the distinctive worldwide listing offers, and having extensive talks with key governmental decision makers in the recent France-Bahrain business delegation events held in Paris last month, Louis is confident that the organization future plans ends up in Bahrain Stock Exchange by 2020. 

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