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Token park: This time it’s worth the wait!

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Since ancient times, the road of human financial civilization progress has always been inseparable from the development and improvement of currency. 

And who is the currency that can lead today’s financial wave? There is no doubt that digital cryptocurrencies must have a name here. 

The vigorous “digital currency revolution” has already come. Who can get a head start in this field, who can be in an invincible position in the currency circle, more can have a crucial position in the financial market. 

TOKENPARK digital currency trading platform is an excellent product to meet the development of this era and the rules of this game. 

Strong hardcore strength, precise strategic position and unafraid of Tigers’ fighting spirit are the important magic weapons for TOKENPARK to emerge unexpectedly and win by astonishment. It is new, but undaunted by any types of challenges.

TOKENPARK, founded on Wall Street in the United States on December 25, 2018, is a real newcomer in the industry. However, with its outstanding corporate philosophy and strong technical strength, TOKENPARK has become a new rising star in the industry. 

TOKENPARK provides strong technical support on international trading and financial transactions for all the countries around the world, ensuring that traders and investors on the platform can conduct transactions of any size in an autonomous, efficient and transparent environment. 

It has been known that scandals about the unsafe trading of digital currencies have been rife in recent years. Many users trade on the platform with an anxious state of mind. However, if you chose the TOKENPARK platform, it will be selected with ease and assurance. You can make any deals in the above, do not need to worry about the equality of the platform, data safety, privacy protection, and even the integrity of the order management system is also worry-free. 

Because TOKENPARK platform knows that safety is the principle and bottom line of a trading platform and a necessary factor for the survival and development of the exchange. 

In order to maximize the security of users’ assets, TOKENPARK platform has worked hard to develop the four trump cards of distributed data storage, dynamic encrypted data transmission, intelligent data anomaly monitoring and composite management of hot and cold wallets. These four systems will be the most advanced technology and concept of TOKENPARK to run through them, and effectively protect the user’s assets. 

Safety is the foundation of survival. Featured services and convenient facilities are the important capital for TOKENPARK platform to deny homogeneity and retain uniqueness. 

TOKENPARK platform, with super secure SSL link, through the remote access technology of SSLVPN, you can safely access the server and application resources anytime and anywhere; Having an offline Bitcoin wallet enables you to recover your wallet at any time and reduce losses even if you encounter unexpected circumstances such as computer failure and data loss. It has instant deposit and withdrawal services, allowing users to enjoy the most convenient services; With a two-factor authentication system, the security and privacy of the platform can be guaranteed to the greatest extent. At the same time, TOKENPARK’s transaction and withdrawal fees are incredibly low that no security deposit is required, effectively lowering the threshold for every digital cryptocurrency enthusiast. If you want to, you can participate and enjoy the wonderful resources and benefits in this field. 

TOKENPARK is a digital currency trading platform with independent concept and self-attitude. It takes “cultivating talents and reserving talents” as the golden rule for the progress and development of enterprises. Because of this, the team has a strong technical background. Team members also have the Wall Street financial industry working experience and other excellences. 

Among that, Shelley Reynolds, TOKENPARK’s global marketing director, holds a dual degree in political science and economics from the University of Washington’s Foster school of business. He has served in the banking blockchain application field for a long time, and have maintained a good cooperative relationship with JPMorgan Chase for a long time, with rich experience and excellent leadership. 

Brian Adam, as the core technology R&D engineer of TOKENPARK, has a rare background in the industry. He once served as the designer of Google distributed computing system, the pre-ipfs framework designer and the deputy technical director of XRP, and was the winner of the American computer association 2013 Infosys Foundation Award. His excellent technical literacy and rich professional background have made him a mainstay of TOKENPARK’s R&D team. 

Jamie Brewer, who joined the national academy of engineering in 2009, is a former Ciphrex security engineer, a member of the NASDAQ crypto-security team and is now a TOKENPARK blockchain engineer. 

Jeffrey Huttenlocher, a 23-year veteran of JPMorgan Chase, is known as the “fox of Wall Street” and a precious wizard of the futures market. He officially entered the blockchain investment field in 2013 and is a board member of the Mozilla foundation, Benetech, and the electronic frontier foundation. Today, as the investment director of TOKENPARK, he is undoubtedly the best operator and sniper of TOKENPARK platform. 

With excellent technical support, strong security performance and abundant talent reserve, TOEKNPARK is just a beginner. But it seems to have won the starting line and become a leader in the field of digital cryptocurrency. 

Whether you are a project owner, investor, retail investor or digital currency enthusiast, joining TOKENPARK means that you can grow together with TOKENPARK and enjoy the benefits brought by it at any time. 

This time, let us look forward to seeing what will happen next in common. 

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