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TOKENPARK Super Node Plan: Community realization is no longer a dream

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So-called a day in cryptocurrency circle, ten years in human society. 

No one knows since when the block-chain has become a hot topic being discussed so frequently that the cryptocurrency circle has even become an unpredictable and rapidly changing complex arena. 

In this complex world, people can be depressed by the persistence of a bear market or reignited by the rapid popularity of an emerging project. But no matter how the world changes, there is one thing that has always been true: To survive in the world, one must have a strong hardcore strength. 

No doubt, TOKENPARK digital trading platform is well aware of this and is trying to make the most of it with “let strength speak for itself”. 

TOKENPARK appears in cryptocurrency circle with a strong dark horse identity. It never fights an unprepared battle. At the first-time luxuriant stage presence, it comes with full sincerity and useful strategies. One of the highlights is TOKENPARK’s original node plan

Supernode plan is a professional customized plan made by TOKENPARK for coin circle community users. It tries to develop a humanistic design system from the perspective of investors so that everyone can get real privileges and welfare. 

Admittedly, no investigation no say, but also because there are comparison and competition, we are able to promote the final progress and enhancement. In fact, many exchanges have launched their own node plans in the early stage. To know whether TOKENPARK’s supernode plan is genuine and full of benefits, it is necessary to understand and compare the content and feature of similar projects in the market. 

For example, industry leader Binance got an early start by launching its own Binance alliance, which aims to create a group of autonomous, efficient and transparent digital asset exchanges. As a heavyweight player in the industry, it has many of its own features and issued its own token BNB, with the commission lower than the average level in the industry. However, it has only opened 1,000 spots for registration, and only to the team with 100,000, BNB tokens locked up will be eligible to apply. It’s quite unfriendly to people with limited budgets. 

Okex, another big exchange, has also initiated its partnership plans in advance. Okex platform supports more than 10 kinds of cryptocurrency and legal currency pair transactions, the variety is not poor. But Okex, with its deep pockets, prefers to focus on platform promotion. It’s not easy for communities to profit from this. 

On the other hand, TOKENPARK, as an emerging digital trading platform, is more willing to give the best benefits to the community. Every community user involved in TOKENPARK is a valued partner of TOKENPARK. We can grow and progress together, and finally achieve a win-win situation based on our mutual benefits. 

TOKENPARK’s node plan is a very representative “three high” plan, which perfectly presents a situation of high return, high profit and high sense of participation for each partner. If everyone can participate together, they will all get higher returns and eventually be tired of making that much money. Such tremendous transaction fee dividends are fingertips away. 

Enough safety and enough money making are undoubtedly the two most important factors when choosing a project. 

In terms of security performance, TOKENPARK adopts distributed data storage system, dynamic encryption data transmission system, intelligent data anomaly monitoring system and composite management system of hot and cold wallet to make checks at all levels for user’s security and guarantee users’ assets are absolutely safe. 

In terms of rich revenue, TOKENPARK platform is powerful enough to give all participants a promising future. 

After joining the supernode program, you are more likely to receive high rewards. The supernode will be rewarded with 8% of the transaction fee of the recommended project in all transaction areas of the platform and 2% of the transaction fee generated by all direct/indirect recommended users. For the projects recommended by supernode, the platform will award an additional 1% of the total transaction fee of the previous month for the monthly transaction volume was more than $100 million. Over $200 million, 3%, over $500 million, 5%. More trades, more rewards. 

TOKENPARK will be more responsible for the commitment, monthly rewards will be issued in a timely manner, into their crypto-asset account, users can withdraw their funds at any time. After all, what investors really want is the real money that ends up in their own pockets. TOKENPARK does not pass bad checks, only wants to give everyone the most benefit and welfare.  

Quality projects are welcomed as soon as they appear. Once TOKENPARK’s supernode project was launched, it gained enthusiastic followers from various communities. Up to now, more than ten nodes have been successfully established, and the number of registered account is more than ten thousand. The heat is still rising, and I believe there will be more and more communities involved in it in the future. After all, the real gold of TOKENPARK can stand any tests. 

It is said that profit is hard to find and money is hard to earn in cryptocurrency circle now. In fact, you may just be missing an opportunity. TOKENPARK’s supernode program will undoubtedly perfect the allocation of your community resources and help you accomplish the maximum realization. 

Join TOKENPARK with your community today!  let’s run through fission till the end of time and make payoff possible! 

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