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“Consensus Is the Fact” – CoinPOS Establishes the Value of Community Consensus

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The financial industry is currently the most popular area for blockchain applications. The blockchain finance represented by cryptocurrency has developed rapidly in recent years, and attracted the world’s top investment institutions as IDG and Sequoia Capital. The rapid development of the industry has driven the maturity of blockchain technology and products, while the market turmoil and regulatory uncertainty will also cause problems. The rapid development of emerging industries is a double-edged sword, and the advantages and disadvantages coexist.

When we go to the bank to buy financial products, the account manager will give you a risk assessment; when we go to stocks, we not only need to open an account from the brokers, but also need to understand the investment risks and basic knowledge. The cryptocurrency market is a type of investment with a relatively high risk level. Therefore, in addition to offer users the easiest way to buy or sell their digital assets, professional investment services are necessary.

However, in the current cryptocurrency market, we notice that the exchange can contact their users directly, and completes everything from project credit review to public offering to investors. The thresholds for users’ direct participation are high and the risks are beyond control. Although this can be understood at the beginning of the industry, the problem is still serious.

In fact, from another perspective, even for the mature stock market, it is the same for the earliest stage. Stocks comes first, then stock exchanges, and then a more subdivided composition of brokerage, management and liquidation after undergoing supervision, bulls and bears and service chaos. This is similar to today’s cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin come to us, and after that Bitcoin exchanges have been built. Nowadays, it is still chaos in more than 16,000 exchanges around the world. We believe that it is time for a more subdivided role to enter.

After years of exploration and development, the form consisting of three major institutions, i.e. exchanges, brokerages, and depository and liquidation for the traditional securities industry has gradually been developed. In the world of cryptocurrency, the clearing and storage technology problems can be solved by blockchain perfectly. Traditional securities institutions and clearing banks are already using blockchain technology. For the exchanges, there is no difference between mainstream trading methods of cryptocurrencies and traditional securities transactions; The securities service, as the pusher of the whole progress, are currently missing.

CoinPOS is dedicated to creating the world’s first professional securities service platform for the blockchain industry, laying the world’s largest offline sales network in the cryptocurrency sector (similar to Wal-Mart or 7-11). The reason we can do this is that we are acutely aware that the biggest value of the blockchain is the “consensus value”! The exchange of various asset is essentially the process of equal value presentation and exchange. From shells to gold, silver, copper, banknotes, and digital currency, all of them have been given value in the process of material exchange. This value is the “consensus value.”

Especially in the blockchain industry, once the consensus is on the chain, no one can tamper with it. So it can be said that “Consensus is the fact”!

The achievement of broad consensus is inseparable from the efforts of the majority of nodes. In the CoinPOS (CPOS) ecosystem, cryptocurrency investors or producers can sell cryptocurrencies or services to end consumers through securities smart terminals. Each smart terminal is a POS node and can serve hundreds of people. In fact, since the launch of the CoinPOS Global Node Program, a large number of financial professionals, equity professionals, social elites, and general investors have actively participated in community building and submitted community construction intentions and development plans to the CPOS Foundation. Among them, the South Korean node, the Arab node, and the Southeast Asian node have been steadily advancing, and the node construction speed and community activity in mainland China are remarkable.

Through the global deployment of cryptocurrency services, thousands of times the number of users can be reached to the trading platform. We provide promotional tools in addition to sales services, assisting the consumers understand the project’s Token service, expand the product impact and sales, and provide an unprecedented online-to-offline solution for the blockchain ecosystem.

It is our objective to enable more and more people to use our smart terminals and become community nodes, and understand the perception of the value of cryptocurrency through our products, thus form a “consensus value” to promote the progress of the whole cryptocurrency industry.

The blockchain is known as the “trust device”, and its core is the various consensus mechanisms. The widely used consensus algorithms are PoW (Proof of Work), PoS (Proof of Stake), and DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake).

Generating blocks and confirming transactions requires a long wait time for PoW or PoS. If you encounter network congestion, you will have to wait longer. If you want to speed up the transfer, you will need to spend a lot of transaction fees. And by DPoS, timely account can be basically achieved, and no commission is required. Therefore, from a practical point of view, CoinPOS selects the DPoS algorithm and improves it for use in our intelligent terminal system. After all, the financial market is changing rapidly, and waiting for one second may cause loss for the investors. According to this algorithm, all token holders on the whole network can select a block producer to become a super node through a voting system, and the elected person can participate in the production and confirmation of the block.

The CoinPOS Foundation is committed to the development and construction of CoinPOS and the promotion of a transparent and harmonious ecological community. The Foundation will help manage the general issues and privileges of open source community projects by developing a good governance structure. The design goals of the Foundation’s governance structure primarily consider the sustainability of open source community projects, the effectiveness of management, and the security of fundraising. CoinPOS is a global project that wants to establish a self-organizing community. The operators and super nodes of each country can manage their own ecology according to actual needs and promote the development of future securities ecology.

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