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Miami, FL – ScorpionFX, one of America’s fastest growing FX trading firms, will be launching an “Executive Mentorship Program” next week, where they will be offering professional, one-on-one trading help to a small group of retail traders.

For years, the currency market has been known as the most difficult financial market to master. And this opinion is shared by some of the most respected and influential authorities in the world of finance.

“Having endeavored to forecast exchange rates for more than half-a-century, I have understandably developed significant humility about my ability in this area…” – Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

“If you think writing about the fortunes of the stock market is tricky, try getting your arms around currencies.” – Bill Gross, co-founder of PIMCO.

“Explaining the yen, dollar and euro exchange rates is still a very difficult task, even ex-post.” – Kenneth Rogoff, Economics professor at Harvard and former IMF Director of Research.

Given this reality, it is no surprise that long-term at least 95% of all retail-traders will lose money. Making this by far, the highest failure-rate of any profession.

But one of the fastest growing FX trading firms in America is trying to do something about this. As this week, Miami-based ScorpionFX announced the launch of their all-new “Executive Mentorship Program”. And their goal is to give a small group of retail traders the professional help that they need to succeed.

According to Aaron Jensen (co-founder of ScorpionFX):

“Retail-traders are at an enormous disadvantage. As they have to figure out the forex market all by themselves, without any kind of professional guidance or oversight. While on the other hand, the traders at the large institutions work within pre-defined, comprehensive trading systems. And they work with highly-experienced supervisors that oversee their trades and keep them accountable.

So overall, there is no comparison between retail-traders and institutional traders. And it would be like showing up at your local park and trying to play football against Tom Brady and the Patriots. With Bill Belichick coaching them from the sidelines.”

According to Jensen, this lack of professional guidance and oversight is the main reason why over 95% of retail-traders lose money. And many of them will eventually lose tens-of-thousands of dollars during their trading career (sometimes much more).

Jensen clearly understands the dynamics of the market. As for five years, he worked for one of the first high-frequency quant-funds in the world. And his company has traded profitably for the last 11 years. Including through the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

In addition to this, his firm was one of the few that actually made money on the infamous day that the SNB removed the floor against the Euro.

Jensen recalls: “January 16th, 2015 was one of the most dangerous and volatile days in the history of the forex market.  As large banks and hedge-funds around the world lost billions in a matter of hours. Including Citigroup, Barclays and Deutsche. But thanks to some incredible work by our team, we were positioned perfectly when it happened. And it turned-out to be a very profitable day for us.” 

And with 1426 consecutive winning trades, his firm also owns what appears to be the longest winning-streak ever recorded in currency trading.

They accomplished this back in 2014. And Jensen has been working with the staff at Guinness World Records to try to get it into their publication. As the streak has already been verified by an independent third-party. 

He finishes by saying: “Our new mentorship program is unlike anything else that is currently available on the market. And will give our clients a distinct advantage over their peers. As for the first time ever, you can now have an institutional-level manager personally overseeing your trading process. From your research and entry-levels, to your profit-targets and risk-parameters. And this is essentially the same type of support that you would receive if you worked for a large institution.”

The company’s new service will be officially launched next week, and will be made available to approximately 15 to 20 clients.

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