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Understanding the CPAP Machine and its Benefits against Sleep Apnea


In order to ease your sleep apnea, your doctor would want you using the CPAP machine. The CPAP is the most effective therapy against sleep apnea. Patients would wear a nasal or face mask when asleep. The mask is linked to the pump, which creates a positive air flow to the nasal airways in the bid to assure the airway stays open. 

You may worry about being tied to a noisy gadget throughout the night, alongside with masks and tubes as well as straps laid everywhere but the remarkable fact is that majority of people when they opt for a CPAP machine often applaud its benefits. 

Knowing Your Device

Once you have sleep apnea, you may stop breathing, often, approximately 30 times an hour, once your airways are blocked or closed. The CPAP machine immediately forces air into your airways in order to ensure they remain open. 

The device utilizes a pump that which is in control of the airflow. It also has a tube which takes the air from the device to you, as well as a mask over your nose, mouth or either of them. 

There are some features about it that might need getting familiar with:

The Straps and Masks - If you have not slept with anything on your face previously, you may need some time getting used to wearing the CPAP mask. Included under straps and masks are three types 

1. The nasal mask which is over your nose
2. The full mask, that covers your nose and mouth 
3. The pillow nasal mask that can be placed right under your nose 

Asides from those 3 there are also nose masks that utilize prongs which can be placed in your nose as well as the full Face mask that runs over your eyes. Regardless of the type you opt for, as far as it's mask is properly sealed ensuring that air pressure coming from its tube remains constant, then the CPAP machine will carry out its job effectively. You then have to choose which one you feel comfortable the most in and the best straps that ensure it stays in its place. Your sleep specialist and doctor can aid you in ensuring everything fits and works as is expected. 

Basically, getting used to the CPAP is just like when you purchase new shoes, they may hurt or charge you initially but as time passes you become so used to it and use it without second thoughts.

Factors to Consider 


Previously, CPAP machines were load and very clunky, having clicking, metallic sounds. However, it isn't so today. The machines are quieter, smaller and almost not noticeable. A lot of brands are virtually silent. This is not just a plus to users of CPAP but also to their sleep partners. 


The devices have a variety of settings for air pressure. Of which some vary depending on if you are exhaling or Inhaling. Your sleep specialist or doctor will aid you in choosing the setting that will help you more as well as the comfiest. 


CPAP users usually experience dryness in the mouth and nose due to the forced air, nevertheless, a lot of CPAP devices utilize humidifiers to resolve that. Some have the capacity to get the moist air heated. 

Issues with Breathing 

In case you have sinus problems or physical nose issues, you might have issues making use of a CPAP device. Nevertheless. allergy treatments, medicine or surgery can fix this. This will ensure the CPAP machine works effectively. 
The Necessity of the CPAP Machine 

For a lot of people, the CPAP device is the best method in treating sleep apnea. However, the challenge of sleep specialists and doctors is showing people that they have a lot more to benefit using these devices than staying without them. 

1. Excluding terrible sleeping hours, when you do not get proper treatment for sleep apnea you are exposed to the risk of strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure and various health challenges

2. The proper positive airflow generated when you are asleep


CPAP machines are definitely a blessing to those with sleep apnea and understanding how to use it and how it works, ensures you gain the full effects of the device. Modern CPAP devices have solved a lot of the issues of the previous years, such as noise, dryness etc. Hence, there is nothing to lose in getting one but absolutely everything to gain, ensuring you have quality sleep whenever you choose.

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