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Passive Wealth Profits Offers Bitcoin Mining Pools to Generate Passive Income Channels from Cryptocurrencies

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A new rush for gold is on, and this time the miners aren’t out in the field holding scanners, but running complex algorithms even in the darkness of night. Bitcoin is a technology and currency, a coin and investment, and even a source of passive income. Dan White of Passive Wealth Profits is now doing the hard work of mining Bitcoins for investors, through his newly launched platform,

“Bitcoin will do to the banking system what e-mail did to the postal services,” says Dan. Or what the internet did to the print publishing industry. Whatever the wider ramifications might be, there is no reason to hold back from participating in the global movement that is spearheading the new future of currency.

Crypto-currency was born to do away with costly transaction fees and commissions, so that individuals and businesses could freely make or accept payments on a secure and public ledger. Digital tokens can be sent from one’s personal wallet as easily as one sends out an email. As a decentralized system, Bitcoin thus allows every owner to act as a mini-bank, which is part of a larger and distributed currency system.

Apart from buying Bitcoins, one can also create or ‘mine’ a freshly ‘minted’ Bitcoin. For this, a special team of miners have to use special software to solve complex mathematical problems, and once a new coin is created, approve it for ownership. Initially, special ASIC chips were used to mine Bitcoins, and later graphics card were preferred for faster results. Since mining a Bitcoin now requires a humongous amount of power,  special mining service such as the one offered by Passive Wealth Profits is now preferred.

“I have been in online marketing full time for over 10 years, and while I do have other streams of income online, I have chosen to primarily focus my business around Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Unlike regular money that is controlled, inflated and devalued by dis-honest governments and corrupt banking systems that control other world finance, Bitcoin gives back control to us, the people,” says Dan.

Dan is also an independent founder member of Bitclub Network, and champions the cause of creating passive sources of revenue to achieve one’s dream life. Bitcoin too can create multiple passive income streams, and Dan has created three easy steps to do so with the help of Bitcoin mining pools. Bitcoin mining pools solve the challenges of an overcrowded mining field, higher investment in robustly powered computers and other complexities involved in mining.

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Company Name: Passive Wealth Profits
Contact Person: Dan White
Phone: 0868120796
Country: Thailand

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