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The Worlds First Valuable Digital Download

What do a vinyl record and a digital download have in common? If you asked someone over at Xelleon PLC, they would say everything. Thanks to their extraordinary new technology that allows digital media to actually increase in value over time.

The cold of the night air bites its way through my scarf each time I inhale, the light through the window of the record store sparkles as it hits the snow falling out front. I walk in to see the store owner cleaning the empty store, he turns and immediately comes my way as I enter. "Hello, pretty cold out tonight." he says, attempting to greet me warmly, almost a little too warmly for someone I just met. His smile was fake and you could see it was hiding the stress of the years past.

"What is it you're looking for? Maybe I can help you find it," he offers, a little pushy for my liking, I mean, I just got in the store.

"Oh nothing much." I respond, "Just looking for some Whitney Huston."

"All sold out I'm afraid. Last one I had was a 45 in pretty bad shape and someone took it off my hands for a hundred and eighty five dollars." he said. "I have some CD's," he continues, "but those aren't as valuable."

"Ya, I know," I remarked, trying to tone my voice to make him understand I wasn't just some stupid kid. "I guess I'll just buy it online."

He laughs, "Online? If you're a collector you're better off buying a CD, It holds it's value, and maybe someday you can sell it for two or three hundred."

"No," I quickly respond, "Haven't you heard about"

A blank look comes to his face as he ponders, looking for answers to too many questions that are already going through his head.

"They sell exclusive, limited edition, digital download packages, the files are protected in such a way that they can't be forged, copied, and every one is uniquely numbered and has special embedded content that is only sold on a limited number of items."

"Really," he said.

"Yes, and because the files are each tied to the purchaser, each download can later be audited for authenticity, like an old record."

"Really?" he said again, his eyes moved over to the left as he processed the idea.

"I think I'll go check to see if they have any Whitney Huston there," I said, "at least if they have something, it will increase in value over time as other files are lost, and devices become old, wear-out and fail. If I keep my download long enough, it will be worth allot more in allot less time."

I thanked him for his help as I was leaving. The bitter cold air hitting my face as I opened the door, and the sound of the clanking jingle coming from the bells on the old shop door as I tightly closed it behind me.

As I passed by the window beside the sales counter, I saw the man behind his desk, with already on his screen. I was hoping he wasn't on there buying up the last Whitney Huston download.

Company Contact Information
Xelleon PLC
Dale Marion
12 Mount Havelock, Douglas, Isle Of Man.
M1 Y1R
+44 1622 37 0680

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