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How Sim Coaches Created The First Fully Leak-Proof Hydraulic Pedals For Sim Racers

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Sim Coaches takes innovation to the next level by introducing a “Sim Specific” slave cylinder for hydraulic pedals inside homes – a huge development for the sim racing community as it’s engineered for sim racing only and not an off-the-shelf performance part that can go on cars.

Sim Coaches, the only full sim racing manufacturer in the United States, is revolutionizing the industry as it takes the next step in helping users make the switch to hydraulic sim racing pedals. They’re helping users become more consistent through building their muscle memory and giving them a higher sense of immersion to really feel like they’re on the track. This is specifically achieved through using pedals that have 1:1 realistic feedback, and Sim Coaches P1 Pro Pedals have that.

Prior to Sim Coaches, the largest problem with hydraulic pedals was they were unpredictable with leaking issues. Sim Coaches has brought an end to leaking slave cylinders and has completely re-engineered the internals to keep everything inside. This took quite a bit of designing to make right.

“Before, options for slave cylinders were limited. People could pick from Wilwood or the Speedway Slave Cylinder. They’re both built exactly the same, just one o-ring in the front gland. The thing is, when the slave moves in and out, the o-ring rolls, and fluid slowly leaks, creating a puddle of fluid. That’s where Sim Coaches comes into the picture,” explains Lawrence Thomas, co-founder of Sim Coaches.

“Our P1 Pro Cylinders are built with 3 seals on the front neck alone. With one being a swipe seal, you can see how our cylinders are built with sim racing in mind,” Thomas adds.

Sim Coaches is the only American sim racing manufacture. They’re competing against companies in Europe with market caps larger than $400M. They’re a small team innovating from design to software – all done in-house in their facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. They’ve created their proprietary P1 Pro Cylinder that has three times the amount of seals over the competition. It’s guaranteed not to leak and is bolted on all of Sim Coaches’ hydraulic products. The P1 Pro Hydraulic Cylinders can replace a leaking cylinder on all sim racing pedals.

Sim Coaches P1-2 Pro Inverted Pedals

P1-3 Pro Standard Pedals

“Most simulators are now in homes. So leaking hydraulics is just completely unacceptable. The thing is, hydraulic pedals are the only type that gives you a lasting advantage over your competition. So there’s good reason to use them,” explains Lawrence. “Sim Coaches has added o-rings to the shaft to ensure everything stays inside with the addition of a swipe seal right at the end.”

Sim Coaches is the only manufacturer in the entire sim racing industry that gives a lifetime warranty with their products. This is anchored in its full intention to build the best equipment customers would be able to buy on the market. Part of building the best equipment comes with true confidence in the company’s ability to do that. People can tell from their many reviews that their customers absolutely love them.

Randall Boren, a customer, lauded the team behind Sim Coaches for their excellent customer service and highly rated products.

“I bought a set of pedals from Sim Coaches, and it was such a great experience. I took my older set of CST-B Pedals that I had redesigned and added hydraulic capability to be rebuilt. Now my backup pedals are in greater shape than ever at a very fair price. You will not be disappointed with Sim Coaches pedals are worth every penny, and customer service is second to none,” writes Randall.

On the other hand, Leonardo Nogueira, another customer, said he considers them the best hydraulic sim racing pedals and that he’s considering buying a second set for his F1 sim.

“Top-notch quality! Very adjustable! Way better than the competition, great customer service, I like these pedals so much,” Nogueira said in a review.

Sim Coaches stays on track with its mission to enhance the racing experience by using equipment that feels just like the real thing. They’re continuing to innovate with new technologies for racers right here on our home soil.

Those looking to upgrade their sim pedals to something guaranteed to make them faster may check out the Sim Coaches P1 Pro Pedal lineup. For an extremely limited time, customers can unlock a 5% off when they use discount code AB5OFF at checkout. Others who wish to learn more about Sim Coaches may visit the website for more information.

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